Vol 93, No 9 (2022)

Date published: 2022-09-30

Table of Contents

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Miroslaw Wielgos

Other materials agreed with the Editors

Pubmed: 36210771
Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):679.

The effect of experience on the outcomes of total laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery: 1295 cases

Meric Balikoglu, Burak Bayraktar, Dilber Filiz, Emrah Beyan, Abdurrahman Hamdi Inan, Mehmet Ozeren

Research paper

Pubmed: 35419792
Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):681-685.

Validation of the Numerical Anxiety Rating Scale in postpartum females: a prospective observational study

Anna Prokopowicz, Bartlomiej Stanczykiewicz, Izabella Uchmanowicz

Research paper

Pubmed: 35072220
Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):686-694.

Psychometric properties and cultural adaptation of Polish version of Gynecological Cancers Awareness Scale (GCAS)

Malgorzata Nagorska, Nursel Alp Dal, Serap Ejder Apay, Malgorzata Lesinska-Sawicka, Canturk Capik

Research paper

Pubmed: 35106745
Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):695-704.

Prognostic value of systemic inflammation response index in patients with persistent human papilloma virus infection

Filiz Bilir, Mariam Chkhikvadze, Ayşe Yalçinkaya Yilmaz, Osman Kose, Dagıstan Tolga Arıöz

Research paper

Pubmed: 35106746
Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):705-709.

Do women play sports while pregnant?

Natalia Misan, Karolina Gruca-Stryjak, Karol Stepniewski, Michal Kujawski, Amanda Seredynska, Mariola Ropacka-Lesiak

Research paper

Pubmed: 35419794
Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):710-715.

A study on non-invasive prenatal screening for the detection of aneuploidy

Yao Chen, Fang Yang, Xuan Shang, Siping Liu, Meng Li, Mei Zhong

Research paper

Pubmed: 35315016
Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):716-720.

Evaluation of inflammatory markers in threatened abortions and spontaneous abortions

Aysun Tekeli Taskomur, Sakine Merve Aydın

Research paper

Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):721-727.

Mode of vaginal delivery in breech presentation and perinatal outcome

Analena Gregorić, Ana Benčić, Dubravko Habek

Research paper

Pubmed: 34541651
Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):728-734.

Can FMR1 CGG repeat lengths predict the outcome in ICSI cycles?

Ebru Cogendez, Enis Ozkaya, Aylin Çakıroğlu Eser, Meryem Eken, Ali Karaman

Research paper

Pubmed: 35072235
Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):735-741.

Twin anaemia polycythaemia sequence: a complicated target for prenatal diagnosis, a current state of knowledge

Martin Alfoldi, Ivana Kunochová, Martin Gábor, Vladimír Ferianec

Research paper

Pubmed: 35072241
Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):742-749.

Respiratory distress syndrome in preterm infants: possible impact of surfactant application techniques

Pawel Krajewski, Tomasz Pomianek, Krzysztof Truszkowski, Katarzyna Wieckowska, Monika Gorska, Miroslaw Wielgos

Research paper

Pubmed: 35106747
Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):750-755.

Anti-Mullerian hormone levels in girls and adolescents

Iwona J. Czech, Agnieszka Drosdzol-Cop

Review paper

Pubmed: 35984340
Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):756-760.

Birth before arrival — is there anything to be afraid of?

Mateusz Strozik, Jacek Smereka, Michal Pomorski

Review paper

Pubmed: 35894481
Ginekol Pol 2022;93(9):761-764.


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