Vol 92, No 7 (2021)

Date published: 2021-07-30

Table of Contents

open access


Anterior abdominal fixation — a new option in the surgical treatment of pelvic organ prolapse

Jakub Sliwa, Anna Kryza-Ottou, Justyna Grobelak, Zygmunt Domagala, Mariusz Zimmer

Research paper

Pubmed: 33844247
Ginekol Pol 2021;92(7):471-474.

Cytogenetic analysis of early pregnancy loss after assisted reproduction treatment using intracytoplasmic sperm injection

Aret Kamar, Nurettin Turktekin, Ramazan Ozyurt, Cemil Karakus, Devrim Saribal, F. Sinem Hocaoglu-Emre

Research paper

Pubmed: 33844246
Ginekol Pol 2021;92(7):475-480.

Different modes of delivery and hormonal stress response

Magdalena Bulska, Piotr Szczesniak, Agnieszka Pieta-Dolinska, Patrycja Dorobek, Jolanta Parafiniuk, Przemyslaw Oszukowski, Daria Orszulak-Michalak

Research paper

Pubmed: 33844248
Ginekol Pol 2021;92(7):481-486.

Physical activity improves sleep quality in women

Magdalena Dabrowska-Galas, Jolanta Dabrowska

Research paper

Pubmed: 33844249
Ginekol Pol 2021;92(7):487-490.

Knowledge and opinions of patients and medical staff about patients’ rights

Mariola Czajkowska, Anna Janik, Katarzyna Zborowska, Ryszard Plinta, Anna Brzek, Violetta Skrzypulec-Plinta

Research paper

Pubmed: 33757155
Ginekol Pol 2021;92(7):491-497.

Early planned labor induction vs expectant management in late preterm pre-labor rupture of membranes: maternal and neonatal outcomes

Inshirah Sgayer, Karina Naskovica, Raneen Abu Shaqara, Marwan Odeh, Jacob Bornstein, Maya Frank Wolf

Research paper

Pubmed: 33844257
Ginekol Pol 2021;92(7):498-504.

The effect of various pressure of pneumatic uterine bracket by using saccule sterine external stent on incidence of supine hypotensive syndrome

Tianke Xiao, Wei Li, Mingshuai Yu, Xuehui Wu, Ke Zhang, Jingyi Wang

Research paper

Pubmed: 33844258
Ginekol Pol 2021;92(7):505-511.

Comparison of the effects of TENS stimulation and water immersion on relieving labour pain suffered byprimiparas

Ewa Grymel-Kulesza, Katarzyna M. Pawlowska, Jakub Pawlowski, Agnieszka Grochulska, Marcelina Belkius, Izabela Jerzak

Research paper

Pubmed: 33844262
Ginekol Pol 2021;92(7):512-517.

Fresh insight into premature ovarian insufficiency

Paula Karska, Aleksandra Matonog, Paulina Sieradzka, Karolina Kowalczyk, Pawel Madej

Review paper

Pubmed: 34105755
Ginekol Pol 2021;92(7):518-524.

The role of anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) in girls and adolescents

Iwona J. Czech, Agnieszka Drosdzol-Cop

Review paper

Pubmed: 34105756
Ginekol Pol 2021;92(7):525-527.

Robot-assisted donor hysterectomy in uterus transplantation — a modality to increase reproducibility

Roman Chmel Jr., Zlatko Pastor, Marta Novackova, Roman Chmel

Review paper

Pubmed: 34105758
Ginekol Pol 2021;92(7):528-531.

The usefulness of CrystalVueTM technique in the diagnosis of abnormally invasive placenta

Slawomir Wozniak, Karolina Frankowska, Karolina Gora, Aleksander Wozniak, Piotr Szkodziak

Clinical vignette

Pubmed: 34155621
Ginekol Pol 2021;92(7):532-533.

Water intoxication in the course of stimulation of labor with oxytocin

Przemyslaw Szadok, Aleksandra Bajorek, Radoslaw Fluder

Clinical vignette

Pubmed: 34379318
Ginekol Pol 2021;92(7):534-535.


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