Vol 91, No 10 (2020)

Date published: 2020-10-30

Table of Contents

open access


Obesity as a risk factor of in-hospital outcomes in patients with endometrial cancer treated with laparoscopic surgical mode

Slawomir M. Januszek, Edyta Barnas, Joanna Skret-Magierlo, Jakub Sokolowski, Pawel Szczerba, Rafal Januszek, Wojciech Domka, Krzysztof Piotr Malinowski, Katarzyna Kalandyk-Osinko, Marek Kluza, Aleksandra Bolanowska, Tomasz Kluz

Research paper

DOI: 10.5603/GP.a2020.0099
Pubmed: 33184824
Ginekol Pol 2020;91(10):573-581.

Contraception counselling during gynecology visit — does a questionnaire help?

Funda Gungor Ugurlucan, Omer Demir, Sema Tas, Ozlem Dural, Cenk Yasa, Onay Yalcin

Research paper

DOI: 10.5603/GP.a2020.0102
Pubmed: 33184825
Ginekol Pol 2020;91(10):582-588.

Twin pregnancy with a partial hydatidiform mole and a coexistent live fetus. Diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas. A case report and the review of literature

Malgorzata Gajewska, Aleksandra Zygula, Miroslaw Wielgos, Grzegorz Szewczyk

Research paper

DOI: 10.5603/GP.a2020.0109
Pubmed: 33184826
Ginekol Pol 2020;91(10):589-594.

Is weight just a number? Relationship between overweight, obesity and domains of sexual functioning among young women

Anna Fuchs, Agnieszka Dulska, Agnieszka Drosdzol-Cop

Research paper

DOI: 10.5603/GP.2020.0162
Pubmed: 33184827
Ginekol Pol 2020;91(10):595-599.

A randomized trial in comparison between planned cesarean and vaginal delivery on twin pregnancy

Yu Tong, Qiang Sun, Xiaoguang Shao, Feng Han

Research paper

DOI: 10.5603/GP.a2020.0094
Pubmed: 33184828
Ginekol Pol 2020;91(10):600-606.

Secondary Postpartum Haemorrhage following vaginal delivery — a 3-year survey of causes and management

Dina Akeel Salman, Reshed Zeki Obeid, Zainab Abdul Ameer Jaafar

Research paper

DOI: 10.5603/GP.a2020.0095
Pubmed: 33184829
Ginekol Pol 2020;91(10):607-612.

The risk of hyperbilirubinemia in term neonates after placental transfusion — a randomized-blinded controlled trial

Joanna P. Seliga-Siwecka, Joanna Puskarz-Gasowska, Justyna Tolloczko

Research paper

DOI: 10.5603/GP.a2020.0096
Pubmed: 33184830
Ginekol Pol 2020;91(10):613-619.

Fetal upper mediastinum — normal and abnormal findings in obstetric ultrasound screening

Anna Wojtowicz, Hubert Huras

Review paper

DOI: 10.5603/GP.a2020.0092
Pubmed: 33184831
Ginekol Pol 2020;91(10):620-628.

Influenza vaccination in pregnancy — current data on safety and effectiveness

Aneta S. Nitsch-Osuch, Dorota Bomba-Opon, Mariusz Jasik

Review paper

DOI: 10.5603/GP.a2020.0105
Pubmed: 33184832
Ginekol Pol 2020;91(10):629-633.

Polish Society of Gynecologists and Obstetricians Recommendations on diagnosis and management of fetal growth restriction

Sebastian Kwiatkowski, Andrzej Torbe, Dariusz Borowski, Grzegorz Breborowicz, Krzysztof Czajkowski, Hubert Huras, Anna Kajdy, Jaroslaw Kalinka, Katarzyna Kosinska-Kaczynska, Bozena Leszczynska-Gorzelak, Wojciech Rokita, Mariola Ropacka-Lesiak, Piotr Sieroszewski, Miroslaw Wielgos, Mariusz Zimmer

Guidelines / Expert consensus

DOI: 10.5603/GP.2020.0158
Pubmed: 33184833
Ginekol Pol 2020;91(10):634-643.

Polish Society of Gynecologists and Obstetricians recommendations on supplementation during pregnancy

Mariusz Zimmer, Piotr Sieroszewski, Przemysław Oszukowski, Hubert Huras, Tomasz Fuchs, Agata Pawlosek

Guidelines / Expert consensus

DOI: 10.5603/GP.2020.0159
Pubmed: 33184834
Ginekol Pol 2020;91(10):644-653.


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