Vol 86, No 12 (2015)

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Urgent embolization of hemorrhagic choriocarcinoma liver metastases – case report and review of the literature

Agnieszka Lemańska, Paulina Banach, Katarzyna Stanisławska, Robert Juszkat, Marek Spaczyński, Ewa Nowak-Markwitz
DOI: 10.17772/gp /57871
Ginekol Pol 2015;86(12).


We present a rare case of 23-year-old patient with metastatic choriocarcinoma that presented life threatening abdominal bleeding from liver metastases shortly after initiation of treatment with chemotherapy and was treated by emergency embolization of the hepatic vessels. Although the bleeding was controlled, the patient succumbed to the disease on the 15th day after admission. Conclusions: Incontrollable hemorrhagic complications are the most common cause of death in choriocarcinoma metastatic patients. Angioembolization is an effective way of ceasing the bleeding and a potentially life saving measure.

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