Vol 7, No 1 (2021)
Case report
Published online: 2021-03-17
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Assessment of the influence systemic cryotherapy exerts on chosen skin scores of a patient with atopic dermatitis (AD)

Dominika Wysopal1, Iwona Stachura1, Katarzyna Czekaj1, Magdalena Kępińska-Szyszkowska1, Anna Misorek1, Monika Kapińska-Mrowiecka2, Karolina Malina2, Jan Tabak3
Forum Dermatologicum 2021;7(1):23-26.


Case report: The case report regards a 33-year-old male patient living in a big city. The patient has been suffering from atopic dermatitis since infancy. 

Results: SCORAD index evaluating the AD intensity level changed after 15 whole-body cryotherapy sessions. Before the treatments, the patient achieved 42.9 points on the above-mentioned scale. After the 15th treatment the sum of points amounted to 36.8, and after 3 weeks since the therapy was discontinued — 33.9 points. 

Changes in the level of hydration of both healthy skin and skin with AD symptoms were also observed. 

Conclusion: Due to these properties, the hypothesis has been put forward that systemic cryotherapy can be a complementary method in the treatment of AD.

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