Vol 6, No 1 (2020)
Review paper
Published online: 2020-02-27
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Compunding benzol superoxide and clindamycin in topical treatment of acne — practical analysis

Justyna Kwapisz1, Jacek Szepietowski1
Forum Dermatologicum 2020;6(1):1-6.


In everyday practice of a dermatologist for years there has been a steady increase of patients struggling with skin disorders in the course of acne vulgaris from its mild to medium intensification. Thus the role of an effective therapy, fast, mild, and with the least side effects possible, is crucially important. The solution is a topical combined treatment which additionally allows for a comfort of use which in turn guarantees so very important good patient-doctor cooperation. The choice of the type of preparation becomes the basic dilemma. It is the reason behind numerous researches on groups diversified in terms of patients’ age, background, residence, severity of the dermatosis and its cause. Thanks to the gathered information concerning the clinical response to topical application of substances such as, among others, antibiotics, benzoyl superoxide or adapalene in both monotherapy and combined treatment, and comparing combined preparations available on the market, pointing to the most suitable one presents far less difficulty. The data presented by the analyzed literature shows, primarily, the superiority of introducing combined treatment over singular substances. The authors agree on the benefits of applying combined preparations containing clindamycin and benzoyl superoxide in concentration of 5% or 3%, which everyday application guarantees therapy’s safety and the proper choice of a medium minimizes side effects, in turn helping with maintaining skin being treated. Better tolerance combined with effectiveness in case of patients with especially sensitive skin should characterize 3% form and it is the one recommended. Complying with the described methods of treatment directly influences the satisfaction of both patients and doctors. 

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