Vol 82, No 3 (2023)

Date published: 2023-08-29

Table of Contents

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Systematic literature study of trachea and bronchus morphology in children and adults

Z. K. Coşkun, K. Atalar, B. Akar

Review article

Pubmed: 36000591
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):457-466.

Clinical significance of morphological variations of the inferior phrenic arteries

W. Marcinkowska, M. Malicki, P. Karauda, R. S. Tubbs, N. Zielinska, Ł. Olewnik

Review article

Pubmed: 35754187
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):467-477.

The divided zygoma: a meta-analysis of its prevalence with a review of the literature

D. Plutecki, M. Bonczar, P. Ostrowski, R. Canon, M. Dziedzic, I. Zamojska, J. Walocha, M. Koziej

Review article

Pubmed: 35916380
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):478-486.

The petroclinoid ligament: a meta-analysis of its morphometry and prevalence of mineralization with a review of the literature

D. Plutecki, P. Ostrowski, M. Bonczar, J. Iwanaga, J. Walocha, A. Pękala, E. Szczepanek, R. S. Tubbs, M. Loukas, G. Wysiadecki, M. Koziej

Review article

Pubmed: 36165899
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):487-497.

Variations in extra-hepatic biliary tree morphology and morphometry: a narrative review of literature with focus on cystohepatic triangle

A. Priya, S. K. Ghosh, J. A. Walocha, A. Pasternak, J. Iwanaga, M. Loukas

Review article

Pubmed: 35916381
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):498-506.

The sternocleidomastoid muscle variations: a mini literature review

S. Silawal, G. Schulze-Tanzil

Review article

Pubmed: 35607877
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):507-512.

Cleidocervical muscle: a mini literature survey of a human muscle variation

S. Silawal, V. Franke, J. Wehrmann, G. Schulze-Tanzil

Review article

Pubmed: 35754186
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):513-518.

Curcumin reduces blood-nerve barrier abnormalities and cytotoxicity to endothelial cells and pericytes induced by cisplatin

P. Kobutree, A. Tothonglor, A. Roumwong, D. Jindatip, S. Agthong

Original article

Pubmed: 35818807
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):533-542.

Microanatomy of the central myelin portion and transitional zone of the oculomotor and abducens nerves

W. Quanchareonsap, S. Jariyakosol, S. Apinyawasisuk, A. Roumwong, V. Chentanez

Original article

Pubmed: 35692113
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):543-550.

Effects of liquid diet intake on nerve growth in salivary glands of growing rats

S. Takahashi, Y. Nakamichi, T. Yamamoto

Original article

Pubmed: 36000590
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):551-557.

Duplicated superficial branch of the radial nerve and brachioradialis muscle belly: prevalence and significance

T. Herma, J. Slezak, V. Baca, D. Kachlik

Original article

Pubmed: 35818808
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):558-561.

The petrosal artery and its variations: a comprehensive review and anatomical study with application to skull base surgery and neurointerventional procedures

A. Yu, G. Dupont, J. Nerva, S. N. Anadkat, A. V. D’Antoni, A. Wang, J. Iwanaga, A. S. Dumont, R. S. Tubbs

Original article

Pubmed: 35692114
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):568-579.

Unravelling the mystery of porta hepatis for surgical benefit

A. Saha, P. Srimani

Original article

Pubmed: 35607875
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):580-586.

Foramen magnum morphometry in children based on computed tomography examination

R. Wilk, M. Moroz, K. Zięba, W. Likus

Original article

Pubmed: 35818806
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):587-595.

Morphological and morphometric features of sacral hiatus and its clinical significance in caudal epidural anaesthesia

E. Nastoulis, D. Tsiptsios, P. Chloropoulou, V. Karapepera, V. Thomaidis, P. Pavlidis, A. Fiska

Original article

Pubmed: 36165903
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):603-614.

The occipital-vertebral anastomosis revisited

P. Ostrowski, M. Bonczar, Alicia del Carmen Yika, H. Czekańska, J. Batko, W. Wojciechowski, S. K. Ghosh, J. Jaworek-Troć, K. Piątek-Koziej, A. Juszczak, T. Gładysz, D. Lusina, J. Walocha, M. Koziej

Original article

Pubmed: 36472395
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):615-623.

Mucous non-goblet cells in the small intestine of guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus): a histological and histochemical study

A. Chende, V. Miclăuș, A. Damian, C. Martonoș, V. Rus, M.-C. Matei-Lațiu, C. Lațiu, A. F. Gal

Original article

Pubmed: 35607874
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):624-632.

Gallic acid treatment protects intestinal tissue against ischaemia-reperfusion

C. Durgun, E. Deveci

Original article

Pubmed: 37183516
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):633-640.

Morphological study of the anatomical variations of anterior belly of digastric muscle in Brazilian cadavers

D. J. Gross, A. C. Rossi, B. C. Ferreira-Pileggi, L. N. O. Watanabe, P. R. Botacin, F. B. Prado, A. R. Freire

Original article

Pubmed: 36165905
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):677-682.

Expression and distribution of erythropoietin, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and VEGF receptor 2 in small intestine of yaks at different ages

Y. Zhou, T. Zhang, Y. Y. Zhang, J. Xu, M. Li, Q. Zhang, Z. Qiao, K. Yang

Original article

Pubmed: 35692112
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):683-695.

Sex prediction with morphometric measurements of first and fifth metatarsal and phalanx obtained from X-ray images by using machine learning algorithms

D. Senol, F. Bodur, Y. Secgın, R. S. Bakıcı, N. E. Sahin, S. Toy, S. Öner, Z. Oner

Original article

Pubmed: 35607870
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):704-711.

Bilateral vertebral arteries entering the C4 foramen transversarium with the left vertebral artery originating from the aortic arch

C. J. Dean, K. Labagnara, A. K. Lee, D. J. Yun, Z. Dong, P. L. Mishall, A. Pinkas

Case report

Pubmed: 35692111
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):721-725.

An aberrant right subclavian artery in a 63-year-old male cadaver

P. Ostrowski, M. Bonczar, W. Przybycień, I. Zamojska, B. Kołodziejczyk, J. Walocha, M. Koziej

Case report

Pubmed: 36178279
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):726-731.

Abnormal vein patterns on the feet: two case reports

B. Karip, A. Ertaş

Case report

Pubmed: 35607869
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):732-734.

A unique variation of a four-bellied digastric muscle named “real quadrigastric muscle”: a case report and literature review

B. Landzhov, L. Gaydarski, R. S. Tubbs, V. Kirkov, G. P. Georgiev

Case report

Pubmed: 35818809
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):735-739.

Extensor digitorum muscle tendon to the index finger from the extensor carpi radialis brevis: a cadaveric case report

W. Chaba, S. Popovchenko, K. Shafarenko, M. Piagkou, J. A. Walocha, P. Depukat, M. P. Zarzecki

Case report

Pubmed: 35607876
Folia Morphol 2023;82(3):740-744.


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