Vol 82, No 2 (2023)

Date published: 2023-05-23

Table of Contents

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Variations in the branching pattern of tibial nerve in foot: a review of literature and relevant clinical anatomy

A. Priya, S. K. Ghosh, J. A. Walocha, R. S. Tubbs, J. Iwanaga

Review article

Pubmed: 35481703
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):231-241.

Pneumatization of the articular eminence in cone-beam computed tomography: prevalence and characteristics — literature review

M. Wrzosek, K. Wilczek, J. Tusiewicz, M. J. Piskórz, I. Różyło-Kalinowska

Review article

Pubmed: 35285512
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):242-247.

The spinal accessory nerve and its entry point into the posterior triangle of the neck

S. Ellis, C. Brassett, N. Glibbery, J. Cheema, S. Madenlidou

Original article

Pubmed: 35187635
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):256-260.

The relationship between the aggrecan VNTR polymorphism and its content in lumbar intervertebral discs

P. Pękala, D. Felkle, K. Dykas, A. Jarosz, P. Elnazir, T. Konopka, J. A. Walocha, J. Dulinska-Litewka

Original article

Pubmed: 35239182
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):269-273.

Variations of coronary sinus tributaries among patients undergoing cardiac resynchronisation therapy

B. Gach-Kuniewicz, G. Goncerz, D. Ali, M. Kacprzyk, M. Zarzecki, M. Loukas, J. Walocha, E. Mizia

Original article

Pubmed: 35607878
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):282-290.

Topographical anatomy of the left ventricular summit: implications for invasive procedures

M. Kuniewicz, M. Krupiński, M. Urbańczyk-Zawadzka, M. K. Hołda, R. DeFonseka, T. Wadhwa, N. Cholewa, A. Matuszyk, J. Walocha, H. Dobrzynski

Original article

Pubmed: 36472400
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):291-299.

Congenital venous anomalies associated with retrocaval ureter: evaluation using computed tomography

T. Ichikawa, S. Ono, Y. Nagafuji, M. Kobayashi, H. Yashiro, J. Koizumi, F. Uchiyama, Y. Fujii, T. Hasebe, H. Terayama, J. Hashimoto

Original article

Pubmed: 35411547
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):300-306.

Quantitative study of the primary ossification centre of the parietal bone in the human fetus

M. Grzonkowska, M. Baumgart, M. Badura, M. Wiśniewski, M. Szpinda

Original article

Pubmed: 35239181
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):307-314.

A new classification system of trifid mandibular canal derived from Malaysian population

S.Y.A. Al-Siweedi, W. C. Ngeow, P. Nambiar, M. I. Abu-Hassan, R. Ahmad, M. K. Asif, W. L. Chai

Original article

Pubmed: 35285511
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):315-324.

Morphological classification and measurement of the glenoid cavity using three-dimensional reconstruction in a Chinese population

Y. Chen, J. Xiong, W. Chen, D. Xie, Y. Zhang, Y. Mo, X. Gu, L. Zhang

Original article

Pubmed: 35187632
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):325-331.

Cavitation processes in a space filled with loose mesenchymal tissues: a comparison between the retrosternal space and the middle ear tympanic cavity in human fetuses

S. Hayashi, J. H. Kim, Z.-W. Jin, G. Murakami, J. F. Rodríguez-Vázquez, S. Abe

Original article

Pubmed: 35285509
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):332-338.

Morphometric variants of the paranasal sinuses in a Mexican population: expected changes according to age and gender

N. G. Jasso-Ramírez, R. E. Elizondo-Omaña, J. L. Treviño-González, A. Quiroga-Garza, I. A. Garza-Rico, K. Aguilar-Morales, G. Elizondo-Riojas, S. Guzmán-Lopez

Original article

Pubmed: 35380013
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):339-345.

Demirjian method and Willems method to study the dental age of adolescents in Shanghai before and after 10 years

K. Kwon, J. Pan, Y. Guo, Q. Ren, Z. Yang, J. Tao, F. Ji

Original article

Pubmed: 35285510
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):346-358.

Anatomical variations of the biceps brachii insertion: a proposal for a new classification

B. Szewczyk, F. Paulsen, R. F. LaPrade, A. Borowski, N. Zielinska, Ł. Olewnik

Original article

Pubmed: 35239179
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):359-367.

Venous supply of horseshoe kidneys and normal kidneys: an angio-multislice computed tomography-based study

M. Majos, M. Polguj, L. Stefańczyk, A. Majos

Original article

Pubmed: 35411544
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):368-374.

Bihemispheric posterior inferior cerebellar artery in a cadaver with Chiari I malformation

N. Boggio, M. Mathkour, Ł. Olewnik, J. Iwanaga, C. J. Bui, E. E Biro, R. S. Tubbs

Case report

Pubmed: 35411545
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):375-381.

Connection between V2 and V3 parts of the trigeminal nerve at the internal cranial base

S. McDonough, Ł. Olewnik, J. Iwanaga, A. S. Dumont, R. S. Tubbs

Case report

Pubmed: 35380015
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):382-385.

The first histological observation of a C1 posterior arch defect

Y. Fang, T. Saga, J. Iwanaga, A. S. Dumont, R. S. Tubbs

Case report

Pubmed: 35380011
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):386-390.

An atypical radiographic appearance of a cardiac myxoma: case report and review of the literature

R. Antoniak, M. Kompa, R. Burdach, L. Grabowska-Derlatka, A. Słowikowska, O. Rowiński

Case report

Pubmed: 35411543
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):391-395.

A left circumflex aorta with a displaced thoracic duct in a 94-year-old male cadaver: a case report with discussion on embryology

P. Ostrowski, S. Popovchenko, M. Bonczar, T. Mroczek, J. A. Walocha, M. P. Zarzecki

Case report

Pubmed: 35481702
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):400-406.

A unique bilateral accessory forearm flexor muscle

R. K. Fernandez, S. Ramakrishnan, T. T. Sukumaran, N. Kilarkaje, M. Pillay

Case report

Pubmed: 35411546
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):407-411.

Anatomical variation of quadratus plantae in relation to flexor hallucis longus and flexor digitorum longus: a rare case

S. Haratizadeh, S. Seyyedin, S. N. Nematollahi-mahani

Case report

Pubmed: 35380012
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):412-415.

Bilateral accessory head of the adductor longus muscle: an anatomical case study

T. Kozioł, M. P. Zarzecki, W. Przybycień, W. Twardokęs, J. A. Walocha

Case report

Pubmed: 35187634
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):416-421.

A rare unreported bilateral thoracic muscle on the inferior and posteromedial aspect of the rib cage: case report and literature review

A. Lee, C. Dean, K. Labagnara, D. Jun Yun, A. Pinkas, P. L. Mishall

Case report

Pubmed: 35347697
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):422-423.

The “sand watch” mandible

M. C. Rusu, M. D. Stoenescu, M. Butucescu, M. Săndulescu

Case report

Pubmed: 35112336
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):424-428.

Case report of the double-headed extensor hallucis longus

K. Ruzik, K. Westrych, R. S. Tubbs, Ł. Olewnik, P. Łabętowicz, N. Zielinska

Case report

Pubmed: 35187631
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):429-433.

A unilateral sternopharyngeal branch of the sternocleidomastoid muscle in an aged Caucasian male: a unique cadaveric report

S. Silawal, S. Morgan, L. Ruecker, G. Schulze-Tanzil

Case report

Pubmed: 35187633
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):434-438.

A new type of the coracobrachialis muscle

N. Zielinska, P. Aragonés, J. R. Sañudo, P. Łabętowicz, R. S. Tubbs, Ł. Olewnik

Case report

Pubmed: 35239180
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):439-444.

Unreported bilateral thoracic muscle — is it a new variant or a well-known subcostal muscle?

G. P. Georgiev, Ł. Olewnik

Letter to the Editor

Pubmed: 35607872
Folia Morphol 2023;82(2):447.


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