Vol 82, No 1 (2023)

Date published: 2023-02-28

Table of Contents

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How to write an umbrella review? A step-by-step tutorial with tips and tricks

M. Bonczar, P. Ostrowski, A. V. D'Antoni, R. S. Tubbs, J. Iwanaga, S. K. Ghosh, I. Klejbor, M. Kuniewicz, J. Walocha, J. Moryś, M. Koziej

Original article

Pubmed: 36573368
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):1-6.

Safety window for the transsphenoidal approach for pituitary tumours: a computed tomographic angiography study

F. J. Arrambide-Garza, P. P. Zarate-Garza, K. Aguilar-Morales, I. S. Villarreal-del-Bosque, A. Quiroga-Garza, A. Gómez-Sánchez, R. Pinales-Razo, R. E. Elizondo-Omaña, S. Guzmán-Lopez

Original article

Pubmed: 34826134
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):17-23.

Circle of Willis: anatomical variations of configuration. A magnetic resonance angiography study

M. Enyedi, C. Scheau, R. O. Baz, A. C. Didilescu

Original article

Pubmed: 34966998
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):24-29.

Standard clinical computed tomography fails to precisely visualise presence, course and branching points of deep cerebral perforators

R. Rzepliński, M. Sługocki, M. Kwiatkowska, S. Tarka, M. Tomaszewski, M. Kucewicz, K. Karczewski, P. Krajewski, J. Małachowski, B. Ciszek

Original article

Pubmed: 34966999
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):37-41.

Cisplatin-induced alterations in the blood-nerve barrier: effects of combination of vitamin B1, B6 and B12

A. Tothonglor, P. Kobutree, A. Roumwong, D. Jindatip, S. Agthong

Original article

Pubmed: 35099041
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):53-62.

Human lumbosacral root and ligamentum flavum thicknesses: a magnetic resonance study

R. Khasawneh, E. Abu El-Rub, M. Allouh

Original article

Pubmed: 34783005
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):72-78.

The pattern of branching and intercommunications of the musculocutaneous nerve for surgical issues: anatomical study

M. G. Al-Sobhi, A. I. Zaki, F. A. Abd El Hamid, R. A Alshali, H. N. Mustafa

Original article

Pubmed: 35037697
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):79-87.

Anatomical description of the perforating cutaneous nerve

K. Shafarenko, J. A. Walocha, R. S. Tubbs, K. Jankowska, A. Mazurek

Original article

Pubmed: 35099048
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):88-95.

Are the nerves supplying the anterior sacroiliac joint nociceptive?

E. Yilmaz, A. V. D’Antoni, Ł. Olewnik, J. Iwanaga, T. Saga, M. Loukas, R. S. Tubbs

Original article

Pubmed: 35112339
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):96-101.

A study of coronary dominance and its clinical significance

D. P. Aricatt, A. Prabhu, R. Avadhani, K Subramanyam, A. S. Manzil, J. Ezhilan, R. Das

Original article

Pubmed: 35099044
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):102-107.

Morphometry and morphological analysis of carotico-clinoid foramen: an anatomical study with clinical implications

A. Priya, R. K. Narayan, S. K. Ghosh, P. Kumar

Original article

Pubmed: 34826131
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):108-118.

Porcine coronary arteries: immunohistochemical profile of TNF-alpha, IL-1beta, TGF-beta1 and ICAM-1

S. Taurone, M. T. Santarelli, E. De Santis, C. Di Gioia, E. Pompili, F. Pellegrino, P. Familiari, V. Papa, C. Zanza, L. Coppola, G. Familiari, M. Artico

Original article

Pubmed: 34966995
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):119-126.

Anatomo-topographic and histo-cytological study of dromedary’s spleen in Algeria

M. A. Fares, T. Khenenou, D. E. Rahmoun

Original article

Pubmed: 35099045
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):137-146.

Anoctamin 1 and c-Kit immunohistochemical study of interstitial cells of Cajal in the muscularis externa of human gastrointestinal tract

A. Al-Ahmadi, R. A. Mohammed, M. Atteya, T. A. Al-Matrafi, M. A. Alfayez

Original article

Pubmed: 35037698
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):147-157.

Anatomical characteristics and significance of the metopism and Wormian bones in dry adult-Chinese skulls

J.-H. Li, Z.-J. Chen, W.-X. Zhong, H. Yang, D. Liu, Y.-K. Li

Original article

Pubmed: 35099043
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):166-175.

Morphological classification and clinical significance of medial malleolus based on computed tomography three-dimensional reconstruction

L. Xin, K. Liu, B. He, M. Chen, B. Tang, C. Tang, L. Zhang

Original article

Pubmed: 34966997
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):176-182.

Accessory anterior ethmoidal nerve and artery: a cadaveric case report

D. Hage, J. Iwanaga, A. Danaei, A. Sadr, R. S. Tubbs

Case report

Pubmed: 35112337
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):183-186.

Concomitant completely ossified trigeminal pore and Dorello’s canal

M. C. Rusu, A. D. Vrapciu, P. M. Rădoi, C. Toader

Case report

Pubmed: 35099042
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):187-189.

Splitting of the distal median nerve

W. L. Smith, Ł. Olewnik, J. Iwanaga, A. S Dumont, R. S. Tubbs

Case report

Pubmed: 34845718
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):190-193.

Unusual sensory innervation of the dorsal hand and why we should bear this variation in mind

G. P. Georgiev, B. Landzhov, Ł. Olewnik, N. Zielinska, Y. Kartelov, I. N. Dimitrova, R. S. Tubbs

Case report

Pubmed: 34845715
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):194-197.

Rare left colic artery variation of the gut arterial system

S. A. Memar, A. M. Taylor, S. Ahuja, D. T. Daly, Y. Tan

Case report

Pubmed: 34845717
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):198-204.

Ascending palatine branch from the lingual artery with multiple other variations of the external carotid artery

C. Escoffier, D. Hage, T. Tanaka, R. S. Tubbs, J. Iwanaga

Case report

Pubmed: 34826135
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):205-210.

An unusual variant of the atlantomastoid muscle

N. O. Blackwood, Ł. Olewnik, G. P. Georgiev, G. Wysiadecki, A. Aysenne, J. Iwanaga, R. S. Tubbs

Case report

Pubmed: 34826133
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):211-215.

Presence of accessory abductor digiti minimi muscle in two cadavers

C. D. Hamacher, B. J. Browning, J. C. Barton, N. F. Chase, R. E. Larson, D. J. Green

Case report

Pubmed: 35099047
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):216-220.

Previously unreported variant of the rectus femoris muscle

V. A. Moore, L. Xu, Ł. Olewnik, G. P. Georgiev, J. Iwanaga, R. S. Tubbs

Case report

Pubmed: 35112338
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):221-224.

The ulnar head of the pronator teres muscle originating from the third head of the biceps brachii: a very rare case

Ł. Olewnik, N. Zielinska, B. Szewczyk, R. S. Tubbs

Case report

Pubmed: 34783003
Folia Morphol 2023;82(1):225-230.


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