Vol 81, No 4 (2022)

Date published: 2022-12-08

Table of Contents

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Factors causing variability in formation of coronary collaterals during coronary artery disease

S. Balakrishnan, B. Senthil Kumar

Review article

Pubmed: 34699051
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):815-824.

Maceration stage in corrosion cast specimen procedure in anatomy: a minireview

Z. Domagała, J. Domański, N. Smyczek, C. Galk

Review article

Pubmed: 34750800
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):825-833.

Anatomical variations of the vascular supply of the cutaneous component of the serratus anterior myocutaneous flap: a systematic review

C. Gakis, D. Chrysikos, A. Samolis, V. Protogerou, G. Tsourouflis, T. Troupis

Review article

Pubmed: 34699050
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):834-842.

The posterior cranial fossa’s dura mater innervation and its clinical implication in headache: a comprehensive review

D. Hage, M. Mathkour, J. Iwanaga, A. S. Dumont, R. S. Tubbs

Review article

Pubmed: 34730227
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):843-850.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: state-of-the-art review

K. Osiak, P. Elnazir, J. A. Walocha, A. Pasternak

Review article

Pubmed: 34783004
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):851-862.

Axonal quantification of the white matter association fasciculi in cerebral hemispheres of cow (Bos taurus), pig (Sus scrofa domesticus) and rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

M. Guerrero, I. Romero, C. Sandoval, A. Gaibor-Pazmiño, A. Noroña, V. Zurita, M. del Sol, N. E. Ottone

Original article

Pubmed: 34750803
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):874-883.

The effects of irisin on the rat thoracic aorta: a histological study

R. Altaweel, A. Shatarat, D. Badran, N. M. Abu Tarboush

Original article

Pubmed: 34699054
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):923-930.

The role of the adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells enriched with melatonin in pancreatic cellular regeneration

H. El Aasar, L. Rashed, A. El Sadik, R. Amer, H. Emam

Original article

Pubmed: 34545556
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):931-941.

Possible protective and curative effects of selenium nanoparticles on testosterone-induced benign prostatic hyperplasia rat model

W. A. Elfakharany, M. M. Safwat, A. S. Essawy

Original article

Pubmed: 34730228
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):942-955.

Peri-hilar branching pattern and variations of the renal artery among Indian kidney donors using pre-operative computed tomography angiography: an anatomical study and review

M. Kumaresan, J. Saikarthik, A. Sangeetha, I. Saraswathi, K. Senthil Kumar, P. Roselin

Original article

Pubmed: 34642929
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):971-982.

The anatomical variations of the lateral sesamoid bones of the foot: a retrospective radiographic analysis

H. Kalbouneh, O. Alajoulin, J. Shawaqfeh, D. Abu-Hassan, S. Al-Juboori, S. Jaber, L. Alshabatat, T. Massad, M. Alsalem

Original article

Pubmed: 34642932
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):983-990.

Acromion types and morphometric evaluation of painful shoulders

R. Koca, Z. Fazlıogulları, B. K. Aydın, M. S. Durmaz, A. K. Karabulut, N. Unver Dogan

Original article

Pubmed: 34545562
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):991-997.

Anatomical observation and significance of the parietal foramen in Chinese adults

D. Liu, H. Yang, Jua. Wu, J-H Li, Y-K Li

Original article

Pubmed: 34699055
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):998-1004.

Volumetric assessment of the sella turcica: a re-evaluation

J. A. Ortega-Balderas, A. B. Acosta-Flores, F. J. Barrera, R. A. Lugo-Guillen, M. A. Sada-Treviño, R. A. Pinales-Razo, A. Quiroga-Garza, J. H. Martinez-Garza, R. E. Elizondo-Omaña, S. Guzman-Lopez

Original article

Pubmed: 34699049
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):1014-1021.

Periodontal ligament regulatory role in experimental diabetic rat model of periodontium remodelling

A. Petrović, M. Trandafilović, G. Drevenšek, A. Plut, M. Drevenšek

Original article

Pubmed: 34642931
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):1031-1041.

Foramen tympanicum prevalence in the population of Southeast Brazil: a morphological study in computed tomography scans

T. M.C. Ribeiro, A. R. Freire, E. Daruge Junior, P. R. Botacin, F. B. Prado, A. C. Rossi

Original article

Pubmed: 34545563
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):1042-1046.

Extent of the frontal sinuses in the aspect of neurosurgical craniotomy approaches

Z. Siedlecki, M. Sabramowicz, J. Woźniak, M. Śniegocki, K. Nowak, M. Baumgart, E. Główczewska-Siedlecka, M. Szpinda, M. Wiśniewski

Original article

Pubmed: 34750802
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):1047-1053.

Premature termination of the sympathetic chain

Y. Mansour, R. J. Kulesza

Case report

Pubmed: 34545560
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):1054-1057.

Double unilateral fenestration of the anterior cerebral artery in the pre-communicating segment: a report of a unique case

M. Trandafilović, L. Vasović, S. Vlajković, M. Milić, M. Drevenšek

Case report

Pubmed: 34545561
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):1058-1061.

Persistent sciatic vein

M. Büyükertan, U. S. Söztanacı, H. A. Balcıoğlu

Case report

Pubmed: 34545558
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):1062-1065.

Double superior vena cava and left brachiocephalic vein agenesis: a rare systemic vein anomaly and potential source of cardiac implantable electronic device and central venous catheter placement complications

R. Steckiewicz, P. Stolarz, M. Marchel, M. Michalak, D. Konecki, E. Szczerba, M. Kowara, L. Grabowska-Derlatka, M. Grabowski

Case report

Pubmed: 34699053
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):1066-1071.

A unique case of extrarenal calyces and associated vascular variations in an adult female cadaver

S. Ahuja, N. Maglasang, Y. Tan, D. T. Daly

Case report

Pubmed: 34642933
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):1072-1078.

Variant innervation of the mylohyoid muscle by the lingual nerve

A. J Cooper, A. Sadr, L. Xu, R. S. Tubbs, J. Iwanaga

Case report

Pubmed: 34750801
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):1079-1081.

Anatomical variation of co-existing bilaminar tensor of the vastus intermedius muscle and new type of sixth head of the quadriceps femoris

K. Ruzik, L. Olewnik, K. Westrych, N. Zielinska, B. Szewczyk, R. S. Tubbs, M. Polguj

Case report

Pubmed: 34590299
Folia Morphol 2022;81(4):1082-1086.


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