Vol 80, No 2 (2021)

Date published: 2021-05-31

Table of Contents

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The anatomical landmarks effective in the localisation of the median nerve during orthopaedic procedures

E. Mizia, P. A. Pekala, B. Skinningsrud, B. Rutowicz, P. Piekos, A. Baginski, K. A. Tomaszewski

Original article

Pubmed: 32394419
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):248-254.

An anatomical investigation of rare upper limb neuropathies due to the Struthers’ ligament or arcade: a meta-analysis

E. Mizia, M. P. Zarzecki, J. R. Pekala, A. Baginski, L. N. Kaythampillai, M. Golebiowska, P. A. Pekala, J. A. Walocha, K. A. Tomaszewski

Original article

Pubmed: 32394418
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):255-266.

Ultrasound-guided topographic anatomy of the medial calcaneal branches of the tibial nerve

Ł. Warchol, J. A. Walocha, E. Mizia, M. Bonczar, H. Liszka, M. Koziej

Original article

Pubmed: 32488855
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):267-274.

The dimensions of the sphenoid sinuses: evaluation before the functional endoscopic sinus surgery

J. Jaworek-Troć, M. Zarzecki, I. Zamojska, J. Iwanaga, W. Przybycień, M. Mazur, R. Chrzan, J. A. Walocha

Original article

Pubmed: 32488857
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):275-282.

Unusual variations in the branching pattern of the coeliac trunk and their clinical significance

A. Juszczak, J. Czyżowski, A. Mazurek, J. A. Walocha, A. Pasternak

Original article

Pubmed: 32639575
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):283-289.

Anatomical variants of coeliac trunk in Polish population using multidetector computed tomography angiography

A. Juszczak, J. Czyżowski, A. Mazurek, J. A. Walocha, A. Pasternak

Original article

Pubmed: 32394417
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):290-296.

Case series and a systematic review concerning the level of the aortic bifurcation

E. Panagouli, I. Antonopoulos, G. Tsoucalas, D. Chrysikos, A. Samolis, V. Protogerou, D. Venieratos, T. Troupis

Original article

Pubmed: 32488853
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):302-309.

Types of left brachiocephalic vein aberrations detected during cardiac implantable electronic device implantation procedures

R. Steckiewicz, P. Stolarz, E. B. Świętoń

Original article

Pubmed: 32639573
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):317-323.

Variations in the gonadal artery with a single common trunk: embryological hypotheses by observation

H. Terayama, Y. Miyaki, N. Qu, S. Katsuki, R. Tanaka, K. Umemoto, N. Kosemura, K. Suyama, O. Tanaka, K. Sakabe

Original article

Pubmed: 32488854
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):324-330.

Origin and main ramifications of coeliac artery in Cerdocyon thous

S. Viana-Peçanha, E. C. Souza, D. M.L. Guerra, F. C.S. Bernardes, R. B. J. Carvalho, P. de Souza Junior, M. Abidu-Figueiredo

Original article

Pubmed: 32644185
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):331-335.

Determination of anomalous pulmonary venous return with high-pitch low-dose computed tomography in paediatric patients

E. Gözgeç, M. Kantarci, F. Guven, H. Ogul, N. Ceviz, S. Eren

Original article

Pubmed: 32459365
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):336-343.

Revisiting the anatomy of the cephalic vein, its origin, course and possible clinical correlations in relation to the anatomical snuffbox among Jordanian

M. A. Salameh, A. T. Shatarat, D. H. Badran, M. A. Abu Abeeleh, T. M. Kanaan, A. M. Bani-Hani, M. Q. Hamdan

Original article

Pubmed: 32394420
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):344-351.

Hypothyroidism: morphological and metabolic changes in the testis of adult albino rat and the amelioration by alpha-lipoic acid

A. A. Ibrahim, N. A. Mohammed, K. A. Eid, M. M. Abomughaid, A. M. Abdelazim, A. M. Aboregela

Original article

Pubmed: 32644186
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):352-362.

Protective effect of Coriandrum sativum extract against inflammation and apoptosis in liver ischaemia/reperfusion injury

A. Kükner, G. Soyler, P. Toros, G. Dede, F. Meriçli, S. Işık, O. Edebal, C. Özoğul

Original article

Pubmed: 32488856
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):363-371.

Computer-assisted measurements of the histological structure of the tibial nerve and its terminal branches

Ł. Warchoł, J. A. Walocha, E. Mizia, H. Liszka, M. Bonczar, I. Zamojska

Original article

Pubmed: 32639574
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):372-379.

Effect of genistein and oestradiol on the adrenal cortex of the ovariectomised adult female albino rats

H. D. Yassa, N. M. Safwat, R. M. Ahmed, M. Z. Fathy, H. L. Metry

Original article

Pubmed: 32459363
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):380-391.

Febuxostat ameliorates methotrexate-induced lung damage

S. M. Zaki, G. H.A. Hussein, H. M.A. Khalil, W. A. Abd Algaleel

Original article

Pubmed: 32644182
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):392-402.

Normal and five-fingered hand: comparative X-ray morphometry in the post-natal age

M. P. Bondioni, L. Casati, A. G. Salvi, A. Minini, E. Zini, U. E. Pazzaglia

Original article

Pubmed: 32644183
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):403-409.

Morphology of sesamoid bones in keyboard musicians

K. P. Dąbrowski, H. Stankiewicz-Jóźwicka, A. Kowalczyk, J. Wróblewski, B. Ciszek

Original article

Pubmed: 32639576
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):410-414.

Surface localisation of master knot of Henry, in situ and ex vivo length of flexor hallucis longus tendon: pertinent data for tendon harvesting and transfer

P. Wan-ae-loh, P. Danginthawat, T. Huanmanop, S. Agthong, V. Chentanez

Original article

Pubmed: 32301100
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):415-424.

A structural magnetic resonance imaging study in therapy-naïve transsexual individuals

A. Starcevic, M. Dakovic, Z. Radojicic, B. Filipovic

Original article

Pubmed: 32644184
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):442-447.

Rare combined variations of the coeliac trunk, accessory hepatic and gastric arteries with co-occurrence of double cystic arteries

A. Mazurek, A. Juszczak, J. A. Walocha, A. Pasternak

Case report

Pubmed: 32459367
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):460-466.

Anatomical traps for arteriovenous fistula creation

Z. M. Ziętek

Case report

Pubmed: 32644181
Folia Morphol 2021;80(2):467-470.


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