Vol 80, No 1 (2021)

Date published: 2021-03-09

Table of Contents

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Vertebral artery variations revised: origin, course, branches and embryonic development

E.-P. Magklara, E.-T. Pantelia, E. Solia, E. Panagouli, M. Piagkou, A. Mazarakis, P. Skandalakis, T. Troupis, D. Filippou

Review article

Pubmed: 32073130
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):1-12.

The morphology and application of stem cells in digestive system surgery

M. Pucułek, J. Baj, P. Portincasa, M. Sitarz, C. Grochowski, E. Radzikowska

Review article

Pubmed: 32159846
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):13-19.

Stereological analysis of hippocampus in rat treated with chemotherapeutic agent oxaliplatin

J. Sadeghinezhad, I. Amrein

Original article

Pubmed: 32159839
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):26-32.

Quantitative analysis of healthy olfactory sulcus depth, olfactory tract length and olfactory bulb volume in the paediatric population: a magnetic resonance study

S. Sahin, A. H. Baykan, E. Altunisik, C. A. Vural, F. D. Sahin, I. Inan

Original article

Pubmed: 33084007
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):33-39.

Tractography-guided surgery of brain tumours: what is the best method to outline the corticospinal tract?

T. Szmuda, S. Kierońska, S. Ali, P. Słoniewski, M. Pacholski, J. Dzierżanowski, A. Sabisz, E. Szurowska

Original article

Pubmed: 32073136
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):40-46.

The craniofacial indicators of aggression: a cross-sectional multiparametric anthropometry study

B. Gülcen, İ. C. Pelin, E. B. Özener

Original article

Pubmed: 32301106
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):55-62.

Anatomical study on branching pattern and variations of orbital segment of the oculomotor nerve

R. Haładaj, Ł. Olewnik, M. Polguj

Original article

Pubmed: 32073135
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):63-69.

Anatomy of the superior hypogastric plexus and its application in nerve-sparing paraaortic lymphadenectomy

H. Kim, Y. S. Nam, U.-Y. Lee, I.-B. Kim, Y.-S. Kim

Original article

Pubmed: 32207848
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):70-75.

The terminal branch of the posterior interosseous nerve: an anatomic and histologic study

T. Bonczar, J. A. Walocha, M. Bonczar, E. Mizia, M. Koziej, P. Piekos, M. Kujdowicz

Original article

Pubmed: 32301104
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):76-80.

Assessing the innervation of the dorsal wrist capsule using modified Sihler’s staining

T. Bonczar, J. A. Walocha, M. Bonczar, E. Mizia, J. Filipowska

Original article

Pubmed: 32159843
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):81-86.

The variations and degenerative changes of sacroiliac joints in asymptomatic adults

Ö. F. Cihan, M. Karabulut, V. Kılınçoğlu, N. Yavuz

Original article

Pubmed: 32207853
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):87-96.

The position of a duodenal diverticulum in the area of the major duodenal papilla and its potential clinical implications

E. Jakubczyk, M. Pazurek, A. Mokrowiecka, B. Woźniak, E. Małecka-Panas, M. Podgórski, M. Polguj, M. Topol

Original article

Pubmed: 32020575
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):106-113.

Coeliac trunk and its anatomic variations: a cadaveric study

A. Juszczak, A. Mazurek, J. A. Walocha, A. Pasternak

Original article

Pubmed: 32301103
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):114-121.

Age-related morphological peculiarities of human testes

K. Lasiene, D. Gasiliunas, N. Juodziukyniene, A. Dabuzinskiene, A. Vitkus, B. Zilaitiene

Original article

Pubmed: 32207852
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):122-126.

Histomorphometric evaluation of tibial subchondral bone after moderate running in male and female Wistar rats

M. N. Nazem, M. Sahebozamani, R. Mosavian Naeini, S. M. Sajjadian

Original article

Pubmed: 32159840
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):127-132.

Arthrogenic human synovial cysts: immunohistochemical profile of interleukin-1beta, interleukin-6, tumour necrosis factor-alpha

S. Taurone, M. T. Santarelli, C. De Ponte, L. Bardella, M. Ralli, C. Morselli, A. Nicolai, A. Greco, A. Ferretti, M. Artico

Original article

Pubmed: 32159845
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):133-139.

Effect of vitamin B17 on experimentally induced colon cancer in adult male albino rat

W. Badr El-Kholy, S. A. Abdel-Rahman, F. E.-N. Abd El-Hady El-Safti, N. Mohey Issa

Original article

Pubmed: 32073131
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):158-169.

Applied anatomy and clinical significance of the maxillofacial and mandibular regions of the barking deer (Muntiacus muntjak) and sambar deer (Rusa unicolor)

K. Keneisenuo, O.P. Choudhary, P. Priyanka, P.C. Kalita, A. Kalita, P.J. Doley, J.K. Chaudhary

Original article

Pubmed: 32491187
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):170-176.

Evaluation of the middle ear in water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) by gross anatomy and cone-beam computed tomography

J. Nourinezhad, M. Abedini, M. M. Shamsi, A. Dabbaghi, M. Janeczek

Original article

Pubmed: 32207849
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):177-185.

Morphometric profile of tendocalcaneus of South Africans of European ancestry using a cadaveric approach

S. Latiff, M. A. Bidmos, O. I. Olateju

Original article

Pubmed: 32159844
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):196-203.

The sphenozygomatic fissure

M. C. Rusu, F. Pop, M. Săndulescu

Case report

Pubmed: 32073134
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):219-221.

A case of individual variation of the rhomboid muscles

M. Ulkir, M. F. Sargon

Case report

Pubmed: 32159847
Folia Morphol 2021;80(1):222-224.


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