Vol 75, No 3 (2016)

Date published: 2016-08-31

Table of Contents

open access


The impact of type 1 diabetes on the development of the craniofacial mineralised tissues (bones and teeth): literature review

R. Chałas, O. Rudzka, I. Wójcik-Chęcińska, M. Vodanović

Review article

Pubmed: 26806434
Folia Morphol 2016;75(3):275-280.

Interstitial cells of Cajal — systematic review

A. Pasternak, M. Szura, K. Gil, A. Matyja

Review article

Pubmed: 26806433
Folia Morphol 2016;75(3):281-286.

Lumbosacral plexus in Brazilian Common Opossum

R. Senos, M. S. Ribeiro, H. G. Benedicto, J. R. Kfoury Júnior

Original article

Pubmed: 26711655
Folia Morphol 2016;75(3):300-305.

The sciatic nerve in human cadavers — high division or low formation?

A. A. Khan, M. A. Asari, M. A. Pasha

Original article

Pubmed: 26711654
Folia Morphol 2016;75(3):306-310.

Craniofacial structure in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea

M. Dobrowolska-Zarzycka, I. Dunin-Wilczyńska, J. Szymańska

Original article

Pubmed: 26806432
Folia Morphol 2016;75(3):311-315.

Correlations between selected parameters of nasal cavity in neonates and young infants — computed tomography study

W. Likus, K. Gruszczyńska, J. Markowski, M. Machnikowska-Sokołowska, Z. Olczak, G. Bajor, M. J. Los, J. Baron

Original article

Pubmed: 26711652
Folia Morphol 2016;75(3):334-340.

The prevalence and distribution of the atherosclerotic plaques in the abdominal aorta and its branches

C. Günenç Beşer, M. Karcaaltıncaba, H. H. Çelik, R. Başar

Original article

Pubmed: 26821603
Folia Morphol 2016;75(3):364-375.

Selected clinical challenges of a supraclavicular cephalic vein in cardiac implantable electronic device implantation

E. B. Świętoń, R. Steckiewicz, M. Grabowski, P. Stolarz

Original article

Pubmed: 26711650
Folia Morphol 2016;75(3):376-381.

Macro- and microstructural descriptions of the zebrafish (Danio rerio) liver

L. B. de Oliveira, A. S. Leonardo, E. M. M. de Lima

Original article

Pubmed: 26916203
Folia Morphol 2016;75(3):382-387.

The carrying angle: racial differences and relevance to inter-epicondylar distance of the humerus

M. Z. Allouh, J. H. Abu Ghaida, A. A. Jarrar, R. R. Khasawneh, A. G. Mustafa, K. M. Bashaireh

Original article

Pubmed: 26916201
Folia Morphol 2016;75(3):388-392.

Anthropometric and physiologic assessment in sleep apnoea patients regarding body fat distribution

J. Wysocki, A. Charuta, K. Kowalcze, I. Ptaszyńska-Sarosiek

Original article

Pubmed: 26711651
Folia Morphol 2016;75(3):393-399.

Morphological study of the hoof in yak

X. Yang, X. Ren, S. Yu, Y. Cui

Original article

Pubmed: 26711656
Folia Morphol 2016;75(3):400-408.

Bilateral variation of the venous corona mortis with a presentation previously undescribed

J. Pinochet, C. R. Molina, E. Y. Flores

Case report

Pubmed: 26711657
Folia Morphol 2016;75(3):409-412.


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