Vol 75, No 1 (2016)

Date published: 2016-02-29

Table of Contents

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Early postnatal development of the lumbar vertebrae in male Wistar rats: double staining and digital radiological studies

F. Burdan, M. Błaszczak-Szalak, I. Różyło-Kalinowska, R. Klepacz, W. Dworzański, T. K. Różyło, J. Dudka, J. Szumiło

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0068
Pubmed: 26365860
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):1-13.

The influence of three endodontic sealers on bone healing: an experimental study

R. Chisnoiu, M. Moldovan, O. Păstrav, A. Delean, A. M. Chisnoiu

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0079
Pubmed: 26383505
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):14-20.

Suprascapular foramen: a rare variation caused by ossified suprascapular ligaments

S. Cirpan, N. Gocmen-Mas, F. Aksu, M. Edizer, S. Karabekir, A. O. Magden

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0073
Pubmed: 26365855
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):21-26.

Vascular anatomical features of the medial thigh flap in human cadavers of Caucasian origin

M. Edizer, A. O. Magden, V. Tayfur, G. N. Yonguc, N. Gocmen-Mas

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0063
Pubmed: 26365865
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):27-32.

Evaluation of vertebral artery dominance, hypoplasia and variations in the origin: angiographic study in 254 patients

O. Ergun, I. Gunes Tatar, E. Birgi, B. Hekimoglu

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0061
Pubmed: 26365867
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):33-37.

Age-related changes of nasal cavity and conchae volumes and volume fractions in children: a stereological study

T. Ertekin, M. Değermenci, M. Nisari, E. Unur, A. Coşkun

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0078
Pubmed: 26365850
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):38-47.

Prevalence of generalised joint hypermobility in school-aged children from east-central European region

A. Gocentas, N. Jascaniniene, M. Pasek, W. Przybylski, E. Matulyte, D. Mieliauskaite, K. Kwilecki, J. Jaszczanin

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0065
Pubmed: 26365863
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):48-52.

Comparative anatomical study of standard percutaneous and modified medialised percutaneous Bunnell type repair for artificial Achilles tendon rupture: positive effect of medialisation of the stitches with lower risk of sural nerve injury

A. Makulavicius, X. Martin Oliva, G. Mazarevicius, M. Klinga, V. Uvarovas, N. Porvaneckas, M. Monzó Planella, T. Mazurek

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0067
Pubmed: 26365861
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):53-59.

A study concerning morphometry of abdominal aorta branches and abdominal viscera: relations and correlation

A. Michalinos, N. Goutas, Ch. Spiliopoulou, N. Nikiteas, P. Skandalakis, V. Gorgoulis, T. Troupis

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0075
Pubmed: 26365853
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):60-75.

A computed tomography study on the correlation between the morphometry of the suprascapular notch and anthropometric measurements of the scapula

M. Polguj, A. Majos, M. Waszczykowski, J. Fabiś, L. Stefańczyk, M. Podgórski, M. Topol

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0072
Pubmed: 26365856
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):87-92.

Rabbit common calcanean tendon as an animal model: ultrasonographic anatomy and morphometry

A. Skalec, M. Janeczek, I. Janus, A. Chrószcz, R. Henklewski

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0071
Pubmed: 26365857
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):93-100.

Anatomy of the anteromedial thigh flap based on the oblique branch of the descending branch of the lateral circumflex femoral artery

V. Tayfur, O. Magden, M. Edizer, G. N. Yonguc, F. Aksu, N. Gocmen-Mas

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0062
Pubmed: 26365866
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):101-106.

Morphological predictors of sleep apnoea severity

J. Wysocki, M. Krasny, M. Prus

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0069
Pubmed: 26365859
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):107-111.

Symmetrical anatomical variant of the anterior belly of the digastric muscle: clinical implicat

B. Buffoli, D. Lancini, M. Ferrari, F. Belotti, P. Nicolai, M. Tschabitscher, R. Rezzani, L. F. Rodella

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0077
Pubmed: 26365851
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):112-116.

Butterfly vertebra. A case report and a short review of the literature

S. Kapetanakis, E. Giovannopoulou, E. Nastoulis, T. Demetriou

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0066
Pubmed: 26365862
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):117-121.

A rare variation of the incomplete coeliac trunk

J. K. Lee, S. R. Kang, J. Kim, S. P. Yoon

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0074
Pubmed: 26365854
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):122-124.

Uncommon branching pattern of the hepatic arteries in a living donor: a case report and brief literature review

M. Morawski, R. Stankiewicz, B. Ciszek, R. Pacho, W. Patkowski, M. Krawczyk

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0070
Pubmed: 26365858
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):125-129.

Retro-oesophageal right subclavian artery in association with thyroid ima artery: a case report, clinical impact and review of the literature

K. Natsis, N. Lazaridis, A. Gkiouliava, M. Didagelos, M. Piagkou

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0080
Pubmed: 26383509
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):130-135.

A rare case of dual origin of the left vertebral artery without convergence

K. Watanabe, T. Saga, J. Iwanaga, Y. Tabira, K. Yamaki

DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2015.0064
Pubmed: 26365864
Folia Morphol 2016;75(1):136-142.

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