Vol 72, No 4 (2013)

Date published: 2013-12-04

Table of Contents

open access


Joachim Oelhaf and the first public autopsy in Gdansk in 1613

A. Szarszewski, J. Gulczyński, M. Cichorek, K. Kuklińska, B. Siek

Review article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0047
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):281-284.

The mandible and its foramen: anatomy, anthropology, embryology and resulting clinical implications

M. Lipski, I. M. Tomaszewska, W. Lipska, G. J. Lis, K.A. Tomaszewski

Review article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0048
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):285-292.

Configurations of the circle of Willis: a computed tomography angiography based study on a Polish population

W. Klimek-Piotrowska, M. Kopeć, M. Kochana, R. M. Krzyżewski, K. A. Tomaszewski, P. Brzegowy, J. Walocha

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0049
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):293-299.

Effect of light-dark changes on the locomotor activity in open field in adult rats and opossums

I. Klejbor, B. Ludkiewicz, K. Turlejski

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0050
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):300-305.

Association between frontal sinus development and persistent metopic suture

S. Bilgin, U. H. Kantarcı, M. Duymus, C. H. Yildirim, B. Ercakmak, G. Orman, C. Gunenc Beser, M. Kaya, M. Gok, A. Akbasak

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0051
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):306-310.

Variations in the topography of the infraorbital canal/groove complex: a proposal for classification and its potential usefulness in orbital floor surgery

A. Przygocka, J. Szymański, E. Jakubczyk, K. Jędrzejewski, M. Topol, M. Polguj

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0052
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):311-317.

Radiological evaluation of the styloid process length in the normal population

N. Cullu, M. Deveer, M. Sahan, H. Tetiker, M. Yilmaz

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0053
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):318-321.

Cholinergic innervation of human mesenteric lymphatic vessels

V. D’Andrea, E. Bianchi, S. Taurone, F. Mignini, C. Cavallotti, M. Artico

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0054
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):322-327.

Thyroid hormone dysfunctions affect the structure of rat thoracic aorta: a histological and morphometric study

S. M. Zaki, M. F. Youssef

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0056
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):333-339.

Effect of iodothyronine hormone status on doxorubicin related cardiotoxicity

J. Dudka, S. Mandziuk, B. Madej-Czerwonka, J. Sierocińska-Sawa, B. Walczyna, A. Korga, M. Cendrowska-Pinkosz, F. Burdan

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0057
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):340-348.

Morphology and clinical implication of the extra-head of biceps brachii muscle

Ashraf Y. Nasr, Adel M. Hussein

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0058
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):349-356.

Topography and morphometry of the subarcuate canal

J. Skrzat, B. Leszczyński, M. Kozerska, A. Wróbel

Original article

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0059
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):357-361.

A rare case of Goldenhar syndrome with radial aplasia

S. Biswas, A. Adhikari, R. Meyur, P. Kundu

Case report

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0060
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):362-365.

Massive upper gastrointestinal bleeding from an accessory splenic artery mimicking isolated gastric varices

S. Kervancioglu, F. G. Yilmaz, M. Gulsen, P. Kervancioglu, R. Kervancioglu

Case report

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0061
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):366-370.

Anatomic variability in the relation between the retromandibular vein and the facial nerve: a case report, literature review and classification

M. Piagkou, M. Tzika, G. Paraskevas, K. Natsis

Case report

DOI: 10.5603/FM.2013.0062
Folia Morphol 2013;72(4):371-375.

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