Vol 71, No 2 (2012)

Date published: 2012-05-30

Table of Contents

open access


A review of the Tragal Pointer: anatomy and its importance as a landmark in surgical procedures.

M. Muhleman, Ch. Wartmann, R. Hage, P. Matusz, M. Shoja, R. Shane Tubbs, M. Loukas

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2).

Determination of cerebellar volume in children and adolescents with magnetic resonance images

M.I. Kosar, K. Karacan, I. Otag, M. Isleyen, S. Gültürk, M. Cimen

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2):65-70.

Gestational diabetes induced neuronal loss in CA1 and CA3 subfields of rat hippocampus in early postnatal life

M.J. Golalipour, S. Kaboli Kafshgiri, S. Ghafari

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2):71-77.

Foramina parietalia permagna: the ins and outs

K. Dharwal

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2):78-81.

The use of computer-assisted image analysis in measuring the histological structure of the human median nerve

E. Mizia, K.A. Tomaszewski, G.J. Lis, G. Goncerz, W. Kurzydło

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2):82-85.

Possible usefulness of echocardiographic Z-scores in autopsy routine of the foetal great vessels

A. Grzyb, J. Skrzypecki, A. Koleśnik, C.S. Niszczota

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2):86-92.

Morphometry of the coronary artery and heart microcirculation in infants

A. Avirmed, A. Auyrzana, D. Nyamsurendejid, E. Tumenjin, S. Enebish, D. Amgalanbaatar

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2):93-99.

Anatomical analysis of preangular mandibular notch in humans

H. Kaczkowski, K. Porwolik, M. Porwolik, L. Noga, H. Woyton, Z. Domagala, B. Gworys

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2):100-104.

Estimation of nasal cavity and conchae volumes by stereological method

M. Emirzeoglu, B. Sahin, M. Celebi, A. Uzun, S. Bilgic, H.O. Tontus

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2):105-108.

Matrix change of bone grafting substitute after implantation into guinea pig bulla

Ch. Punke, T. Zehlicke, T. Just, G. Holzhüter, T. Gerber, H.W. Pau

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2):109-114.

Partial anomalous pulmonary venous return associated with vascular anomalies of the aorta: multidetector computed tomography findings

U. Bayraktutan, M. Kantarci, H. Olgun, Y. Kizrak, B. Pirimoglu

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2):115-117.

Unilateral high origin of radial artery from axillary artery

V.K. Yagain, M.R. Dave, S. Anadkat

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2):121-124.

Bony spurs projecting in the obturator foramen

R. Singh

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2):125-127.

The trifid superior transverse scapular ligament – case report and review of the literature

M. Polguj, K. Jędrzejewski, A. Majos, M. Topol

Folia Morphol 2012;71(2).

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