Vol 57, No 1 (1998)

Date published: 2000-02-08

Table of Contents

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Oogensis in the panoistic ovary of the primitive stone fly, Leuctra autumnalis

Baran A, Poprawa I, Rościszewska E

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):8-8.

The effect of mother smoking on fetus

Bartel H

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):9-9.

Development and maturation of parvalbumin and calbindin in intercalated cells of the rat amygdala

Berdel B, Maciejewska B, Domaradzka-Pytel B, Moryś J

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):10-10.

Development of human adrenal medulla during embryonic period

Bocian-Sobkowska J, Woźniak W

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):12-12.

Prenatal development of parafollicular cells containing calcytonin and CGRP in the human thyroid gland

Bocian-Sobkowska J, Zabel M, Woźniak W, Surdyk-Zasada J

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):13-13.

Ventral migration of the spinal ganglions in staged human embryos

Bruska M, Woźniak W, Ulatowska-Błaszyk K, Markowski M

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):14-14.

Histological structure of the auricle of swine fetuses from different periods of gestation

Brużewicz S, Bieżyńska K

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):15-15.

Frequency of apomixis in seed plants of Poland

Czapik R, Kościńska-Pająk M

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):16-16.

Wheat androgenesis

Czaplicki AZ

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):17-18.

Estimated development of metatarsal bones of human fetuses in the different periods of fetal life

Czerwiński F, Tomasik E, Mahaczek-Kordowska A, Gawlikowska A, Konstanty-Kurkiewicz V

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):20-20.

The degree of advancement of the ossification process of tarsals in human fetuses

Czerwiński F, Mahaczek-Kordowska A, Tomasik E

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):21-21.

An attempt to estimate age of coypu fetuses on the basis of body weight and CR length

Frąckowiak H, Godynicki S, Jackowiak H

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):24-24.

Metric analysis of stomach and intestine growth in the coypu fetuses

Frąckowiak H, Godynicki S, Jackowiak H

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):25-25.

Structure of ovaries and oogenesis in tachypeza nubila (Diptera, Empidoidea: Hybotidae)

Jabłońska A, Biliński SM

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):26-26.

The early development of the external germinal layer of the human embryonic cerebellum

Janczewski M, Bruska M, Woźniak W

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):28-28.

Molecular aspects of spermatogenic disorders

Jankowska A, Skonieczna D, Warchoł JB

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):29-29.

Morphological heterogeneity of dendritic cells in the rat thymus

Jaroszewski J, Brelińska R

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):30-30.

Postnatal development of the suprarenal cortex in guinea pigs: morphological studies

Kaczmarczyk D, Kmieć BL

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):31-31.

The fractal analysis of the human cortex vessels

Kędzia A, Rybaczuk M

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):32-32.

Studies on sperm biological value in cases of men infertility

Kotwicka M, Butowska W, Filipiak K, Skonieczna D, Warchoł JB

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):34-34.

Mucous membrane of the tongue in foetal development of the rabbit; preliminary studies

Kulawik M, Jackowiak H, Godynicki S

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):36-36.

Nuclear DNA and NYS protein contents in cotyledons of dry and germination seeds

Kuran H, Marciniak K, Wojciechowska M

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):37-37.

Further studies on the role of gas and the symplasmic isolation in the regulation of gametogenesis in Chara vulgaris

Kwiatkowska M, Kaźmierczak A, Popłońska K, Wojtczak A, Malinowski S

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):38-38.

Skeletopy and morphometric study of the human fetal ovaries

Łukasik M, Kopczyński J, Nowik M

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):39-39.

Identification of arabinogalactan-proteins (AGPs) in sugar beet suspension cultures

Münster A, Majewska-Sawka A, De Dios Alche Ramirez J

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):43-43.

The septomarginal trabecula in the human fetal heart

Nowiński J, Grzybiak M, Kuta W

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):44-44.

Formation of the supraventricular crista in human ontogenesis

Nowiński J, Grzybiak M, Kuta W

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):45-45.

Molecular analysis of localized RNAs in oogenesis of Rana sp. (Amphibia, Anura)

Ogielska M, Kloc M, Etkin LD

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):46-46.

Ultrastructure of fetal kidney in the lead-treated mouse

Okrój W, Bartel H

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):47-47.

Histogenesis of epithelial cells in the rat thymus

Ostalska D, Brelińska R, Zabel M

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):48-48.

Computer analysis of morphological patterns in male gonad of the rat in the course of postnatal development

Otulakowski B, Limanowski A, Miśkowiak B, Partyka M, Konwerska A

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):49-49.

Cytokeratin expression in thymuses of pregnant rats

Paczkowska A, Brelińska R

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):50-50.

Embryonic development of the coot (Fulica Atra L.)

Pikulska B

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):51-51.

Prenatal development of the swines stomach innervations

Pospieszny N

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):52-52.

Morphostatistical analysis of the swine humerus during the prenatal period

Pospieszny N, Chrzanowska W

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):55-55.

The structure of the primordial plexiform layer in staged human embryos

Rapalska K, Woźniak W

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):56-56.

The analysis of mitochondrial and total DNA in sugar beet plants regenerated from protoplasts

Sadoch Z, Majewska-Sawka A, Jażdżewska E

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):59-59.

Ovary structure in an earthworm Dendrobaena veneta (Rosa)

Siekierska E, Spałek A, Klag J

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):60-60.

Nerve endings in the external genital organs of human female fetuses between 17 and 24 weeks

Sobański J, Otulakowski B, Kromer P

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):64-64.

Histological investigations of the human ovary from the 18-th week of its prenatal development

Sopiński M, Fortak W, Żołnowska T

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):65-65.

Appkication of computed tomography in the development of human paranasal sinuses

Szpakowska-Rzymska I, Porowski L, Radziemski A, Skórzewska A

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):67-67.

The oculomotor nucleus in human embryos at stage 14

Szyszka-Mróz J, Woźniak W

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):68-68.

Brazilian opossum (Monodelphis domestica), a new model in embryological experiments

Turlejski K, Djavadian R

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):69-69.

Autonomous endosperm formation in in vitro culture of unpollinated ovules of viola odorata L.

Wijowska M, Kuta E, Przywara L

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):71-71.

Surface area of the alimentary canal in the early development of mus musculus

Wilczyńska B, Przystalski A

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):72-72.

Development of bronchus trachealis in pig during prenatal period

Zawada, Z.

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):76-76.

In vitrio studies of cycle modifications in the apomictic ferns

Zenkteler E

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):78-78.

Morphological changes in female germinal cells of ascaris suum (Nematoda)

Żółtowska K, Giełwanowska I, Łopieńska E

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):79-79.

Activity of trehalase in embrionating eggs of ascaris suum (Nematoda)

Żółtowska K, Dmitryjuk M, Białowąs K

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):80-80.

Trehalose in the reproductive organ of ascaris suum female

Żółtowska K, Giełwanowska I, Nogalska H

Folia Morphol 1998;57(1):81-81.

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