Vol 57, No 2 (1998)

Date published: 2000-02-08

Table of Contents

open access


The corticoclaustral connections in the rat studied by means of the fluorescent retrograde axonal transport method

Kowiański P, Dziewiątkowski J, Berdel B, Lipowska M, Moryś J

Folia Morphol 1998;57(2):85-92.

The amygdaloid body of the rabbit - a morphometric study using image analyser

Dziewiątkowski J, Berdel B, Kowiański P, Kubasik-Juraniec J, Bobek-Billewicz B, Moryś J

Folia Morphol 1998;57(2):93-103.

The neuronal structure of paramamillary nuclei in bison bonasus: Nissl and Golgi pictures

Robak A, Szteyn S, Równiak M

Folia Morphol 1998;57(2):105-119.

The vertebrobasilar arterial system in guinea pig as compared with dog and human

Majewska-Michalska E

Folia Morphol 1998;57(2):121-131.

The morphological structure of the chick's basilar papilla: a light and transmission electron microscopic study

Sliwińska-Kowalska M, Rzadzińska A, Jedlińska U

Folia Morphol 1998;57(2):133-147.

Middle superficial cerebral vein

Ciszek B, Dąbrowska M, Andrzejczak A, Aleksandrowicz R, Mazurowski W, Ząbek M

Folia Morphol 1998;57(2):149-155.

Bone structure of the temporo-mandibular joint in the individuals aged 18-25

Parafiuk M, Gutsch-Trepka A, Trepka S, Sycz K, Wolski S, Parafiniuk W

Folia Morphol 1998;57(2):167-189.

Interureteric distance at the level of the ureter openings in early human fetuses

Bruska M, Woźniak W

Folia Morphol 1998;57(2):191-193.

Activation and motivation of medical students for learning histoembrylogy

Stiblar-Martinčič D

Folia Morphol 1998;57(2):195-199.

Immunohistochemical study of microglia cells during the development of rat brain

Domaradzka-Pytel B, Maciejewska B, Berdel B, Moryś J

Folia Morphol 1998;57(2):201-202.

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