Vol 59, No 3 (2000)

Date published: 2000-07-06

Table of Contents

open access


Contribution of tumor necrosis factor alpha to the pathogenesis of stroke

Jarosław Zaremba

Review article

Folia Morphol 2000;59(3):137-144.

Histologic evaluation of the atrioventricular nodal artery in healthy humans and in patients with conduction disturbances

Dariusz Kozłowski, Adam Owerczuk, Edward Koźluk, Marek Grzybiak, Monika Adamowicz-Kornacka, Ewa Walczak, Franciszek Walczak

Original article

Folia Morphol 2000;59(3):145-152.

The os penis of the frugivorous bat Eidolon helvum (Kerr)

Polycarp U Nwoha, Ademola E Caxton-Martins, Dorothea L Baxter-Grillo

Original article

Folia Morphol 2000;59(3):153-156.

Types of neurons of the septal nuclei in the guinea pig: Golgi and Klüver-Barrera studies

Stanisław Szteyn, Janusz Najdzion, Anna Robak

Original article

Folia Morphol 2000;59(3):157-162.

Analysis of the course and the ostium of the oblique vein of the left atrium

Monika Cendrowska-Pinkosz, Zygmunt Urbanowicz

Original article

Folia Morphol 2000;59(3):163-166.

Anthropological characteristics of a case of microcephaly

Andrzej Malinowski, Bogdan Łuczak

Original article

Folia Morphol 2000;59(3):173-178.

Morphology of the dorsal nasal, frontal and facial veins in adult gilts

Anna Zezula-Szpyra, Waldemar Grzegorzewski

Original article

Folia Morphol 2000;59(3):179-192.

The different patterns of maturation of the claustrocortical connections in a rabbit

Przemysław Kowiański, Jerzy Dziewiątkowski, Zbigniew Karwacki, Janusz Moryś

Original article

Folia Morphol 2000;59(3):193-200.

Morphology of the tendon of Todaro within the human heart in ontogenesis

Dariusz Kozłowski, Marek Grzybiak, Edward Koźluk, Adam Owerczuk

Original article

Folia Morphol 2000;59(3):201-206.

Variability of valve configuration in the lumen of the coronary sinus in the adult human hearts

Barbara Duda, Marek Grzybiak

Original article

Folia Morphol 2000;59(3):207-210.

Right-sided aortic arch

Jacek Białowąs, Jolanta Hreczecha, Marek Grzybiak

Case report

Folia Morphol 2000;59(3):211-216.

The anastomotic artery connecting the axillary or brachial artery to one of the forearm arteries

Ahmet Uzun, Leonard L Jr Seelig

Case report

Folia Morphol 2000;59(3):217-220.

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