Vol 60, No 1 (2001)

Date published: 2000-11-09

Table of Contents

open access


Scanning electron microscopic study of the posterior ciliary veins in domestic ungulates

Paul Simoens, Wim Van den Broeck, Henri Lauwers

Original article

Folia Morphol 2001;60(1):21-26.

Development of the atrioventricular junctional area in the human heart

Dariusz Kozłowski, Marek Grzybiak, Adam Owerczuk, Magdalena Kozłowska

Original article

Folia Morphol 2001;60(1):27-31.

Scanning electron microscopic study of different hair types in various breeds of rabbits

Wim Van den Broeck, Peter Mortier, Paul Simoens

Original article

Folia Morphol 2001;60(1):33-40.

Types of neurons of the claustrum in the rabbit - Nissl, Klüver-Barrera and Golgi studies

Barbara Wasilewska, Janusz Najdzion

Original article

Folia Morphol 2001;60(1):41-45.

Effects of ethanol and arachidonic acid pathway inhibitors on the effectiveness of gastric mucosa cytoprotection

Krzystof Lutnicki, Ewa Szpringer, Krystian Czerny, Andrzej Ledwożyw

Original article

Folia Morphol 2001;60(1):47-56.

Morphometric study of the cornea in human embryos

Andrzej Styszyński, Małgorzata Bruska, Witold Woźniak

Original article

Folia Morphol 2001;60(1):57-59.

Morphology, topography and cytoarchitectonics of the otic ganglion in Egyptian spiny mouse (Acomys cahirinus, Desmarest)

Aleksander Szczurkowski, Tadeusz Kuder, Elżbieta Nowak, Jacek Kuchinka

Original article

Folia Morphol 2001;60(1):61-64.

Myocardial bridges in the human heart: morphological aspects

Adam Kosiński, Marek Grzybiak

Original article

Folia Morphol 2001;60(1):65-68.

The value of the heavily T2-weighted sequence in evaluation of the cisternal and petroclival segment of the abducent nerve

Barbara Bobek-Billewicz, Jerzy Dziewiątkowski

Original article

Folia Morphol 2001;60(1):69-72.


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