Vol 61, No 4 (2002)

Date published: 2002-08-29

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Immunocytochemical evidence for growth hormone-releasing hormone in the tanycytes of the median eminence of the rat

Jose Carretero, Deborah Burks, Manuel Rubio, Enrique Blanco, Julio J. Herrero, Pilar Bodego, Juan A. Juanes, Elena Hernández, Jose M. Riesco

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):209-216.

Co-existence of apoptotic and necrotic features within one single cell as a result of menadione treatment

Marcin Kamiński, Mariusz Karbowski, Yu Miyazaki, Jakub Kędzior, Jan Henryk Spodnik, Aleksandra Gil, Michał Woźniak, Takashi Wakabayashi

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):217-220.

Differentiation of the cortical plate in early human foetuses

Katarzyna Rapalska, Wotild Woźniak

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):233-236.

Mast cell density, neuronal hypertrophy and nerve growth factor expression in patients with acute appendicitis

Nigar Coskun, Muaffer Sindel, Gulsum Ozlem Elpek

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):237-243.

The neuronal structure of the globus pallidus in the rabbit - Nissl and Golgi studies

Barbara Wasilewska, Janusz Najdzion, Stanisław Szteyn

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):251-256.

Divergent effects of quinolinic aminoxyls on mitochondrial ultrastructure and localisation in osteosarcoma 143 B cells

Jan Heryk Spodnik, Jakub Kędzior, Aleksandra Gil, Michał Woźniak, Takashi Wakabayashi, Giancarlo Falcioni, Lucedio Greci

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):261-264.

The neuronal structure of the medial geniculate body in the pig - Nissl and Golgi study

Krystyna Bogus-Nowakowska, Stanisław Szteyn, Anna Robak

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):271-276.

Sciatic nerve variations in some studies on the Polish population and its statistical significance

Ewa Okraszewska, Łukasz Migdalski, Kazimierz S. Jędrzejewski, Wojciech Bolanowski

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):277-282.

The arrangement of muscle fibres in the region of the subthebesian fossa in the aspect of atrial flutter

Dariusz Kozłowski, Adam Owerczuk, Grzegorz Piwko, Grażyna Piszczatowska, Magdalena Kozłowska, Krzystof Bigus, Marek Grzybiak

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):283-289.

Localisation of focal liver lesions to specific hepatic segments - comparison of multiphase spiral CT and MR imaging

Barbara Bobek-Billewicz, Edyta Szurowska, Adam Zapaśnik, Ewa Iżycka-Świeszewska, Tomasz Gorycki, Marek Nowakowski

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):291-297.

The neuronal structure of the inferior colliculus in the bank vole (Clethrionomys glareolus) - Golgi and Nissl studies

Janusz Najdzion, Barbara Wasilewska, Stanisław Szteyn

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):299-304.

Analysis of operating field area in transpyramidal retrolabyrinthine approach to posterior cranial fossa

Stanisław Nitek, Jarosław Wysocki, Eliza Brożek

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):305-308.

Multiple muscular variations in the neck region - case study

Nigar Coskun, Fatos Belgin Yildirim, Olcay Ozkan

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):317-319.

Report on the activities of the Polish Anatomical Society in 2001

Szteyn S, Jankowska-Steifer E

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):321-322.
Technical Note

Intravascular ultrasound assessment of blood vessel morphology

Łukasz Chrzanowski, Kazimierz Jędrzejewski

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):309-312.

Application of a mixture of glycol polyethylenes for the preparation of microcorrosion casts - an observation

Jerzy A. Walocha, Adam J. Miodoński, Maria Nowogrodzka-Zagórska, Radosław Kuciel, Janusz Gorczyca

Folia Morphol 2002;61(4):313-316.

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