Vol 63, No 1 (2004)

Date published: 2003-12-03

Table of Contents

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Cell cycle checkpoints - molecular background

Barbara Grzelakowska-Sztabert

Review article

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):1-3.

The effect of angiogenesis inhibitor TNP-470 on the blood vessels of the lungs, kidneys and livers of treated hamsters

Andrzej Myśliwski, Jolanta Kubasik-Juraniec, Patrycja Koszałka, Ewa Szmit

Original article

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):5-9.

The morphology of the hypoglossal canal and its size in relation to skull capacity in man and other mammal species

Jarosław Wysocki, Henryk Kobryń, Mariusz Bubrowski, Jan Kwiatkowski, Jerzy Reymond, Bożena Skarżyńska

Original article

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):11-17.

The internal thoracic artery in human foetuses

Marcin Wiśniewski, Elżbieta Krakowiak-Sarnowska, Michał Szpinda, Jan Sarnowski

Original article

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):19-23.

The effect of fasting and refeeding on the ultrastructure of the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus in young and old rats

Jolanta Kubasik-Juraniec, Zbigniew Kmieć, Cecylia Tukaj, Teresa Rudzińska-Kisiel, Grażyna Kotlarz, Leszek Pokrywka, Andrzej Myśliwski

Original article

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):25-35.

Two types of vascularisation of intramural uterine leiomyomata revealed by corrosion casting and immunohistochemical study

Jerzy A. Walocha, Adam J. Miodoński, Wojciech Szczepański, Janusz Skrzat, Jerzy Stachura

Original article

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):37-41.

A preliminary study on the relationship between the complexity of the sagittal suture and cranial dimensions

Janusz Skrzat, Iwona Brzozowska, Jerzy Walocha

Original article

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):43-46.

The cystic artery in human foetuses

Piotr Flisiński, Michał Szpinda, Mariusz Flisiński

Original article

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):47-50.

The effects of quercetin vs cisplatin on proliferation and the apoptotic process in A549 and SW1271 cell lines in in vitro conditions

Sylwia Borska, Elżbieta Gębarowska, Teresa Wysocka, Małgorzata Drąg-Zalesińska, Maciej Zabel

Original article

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):103-105.

Immunolocalization of CGRP, NPY and PGP 9.5 in guinea pig skin

Hanna Gendek-Kubiak, Bogumił L. Kmieć

Original article

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):115-117.

The effect of an infant’s environmental conditions and state of health on the teething of the primary incisors

Wiesław Kurlej, Krystian Porwolik, Michał Porwolik, Marek Pużyński

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):59-61.

The effect of extracellular substance components on the proliferation and expression of hormones in cultured cells of medullary thyroid carcinomas

Maciej Zabel, Elżbieta Gębarowska, Joanna Surdyk-Zasada, Izabela Lesisz, Aldona Kasprzak, Jolanta Seidel

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):63-66.

Age dependent changes of the diploe in the human skull

Janusz Skrzat, Paweł Brzegowy, Jerzy Walocha, Wadim Wojciechowski

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):67-70.

The arching of the palate in twin foetuses

Marek Pużyński, Hanna Wielgosz-Lesińska, Wiesław Kurlej

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):71-73.

The cellular composition of the adrenal medulla of sexually mature guinea pigs

Bogumił L. Kmieć, Dariusz Kaczmarczyk

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):75-78.

The influence of the vascularisation of the follicular thyroid nodules on the proliferative activity of the follicular cells

Urszula M. Łebkowska, Janusz Dzięcioł, Dorota Lemancewicz, Wanda Bogusłowicz, Andrzej Lewszuk

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):79-81.

The morphological and histochemical neurosecretory magnocellular system in the rat after administration of chlorpromazine

Ewa Arciszewska, Halina Borowska, Bogusław Sawicki

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):83-85.

Bone marrow morphology during haematopoietic stem cell mobilization with G-CSF in mice

Kamila Barcew, Ewa Kacińska, Mariola Marchlewicz, Barbara Wiszniewska, Bogusław Machaliński

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):87-89.

Dactinomycin-induced veno-occlusive disease in rats. The hepatoprotective action of amifostine. Evaluation in a light and electron microscope

Halina Borowska, Ewa Arciszewska, Piotr Czauderna, Bogusław Sawicki

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):91-93.

An evaluation of Ki-67 and PCNA expression in conjunctival and eyelid tumours

Joanna Reszeć, Luiza Kańczuga-Koda, Mariola Sulkowska, Mariusz Koda, Jacek Cylwik, Małgorzata Barwijuk-Machała, Stanisław Sulkowski

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):95-98.

The distribution and influence of calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) on the perfusion pressure in the isolated ovarian artery in the pig

Włodzimierz Markiewicz, Jerzy J. Jaroszewski, Beata Barszczewska, Tomasz Maślanka, Mariusz Majewski

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):99-101.

Evaluation of apoptosis, proliferation intensity and metallothionein (MT) expression in comparison with selected clinicopathological variables in primary adenocarcinomas of the large intestine

Małgorzata Dumańska, Piotr Dzięgiel, Mirosław Sopel, Andrzej Wojnar, Maciej Zabel

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):107-110.

A preliminary evaluation of thyroid and respiratory tract neuroendocrine cells in the rat after experimental hypercalcaemia

Bogusław Sawicki, Cezary Nowosielski, Ewa Arciszewska, Halina Borowska

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):111-113.

Proliferation activity and apoptosis in granulation tissue and cholesteatoma in middle ear reoperations

Marcin Durko, Dariusz Kaczmarczyk

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):119-121.

Green tea as an antioxidant which protects against alcohol induced injury in rats - a histopathological examination

Marek Baltaziak, Elżbieta Skrzydlewska, Artur Sulik, Waldemar Famulski, Mariusz Koda

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):123-126.

The activity of human telomerase in the cells of acute leukaemias

Janusz Kocki, Joanna Kolano, Maria Cioch, Anna Dmoszyńska, Jacek Wojcierowski

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):127-128.

Expression of metallothionein (MT) and gluthatione s-transferase pi (SGTP) in the bone marrow of patients with myeloproliferative disorders (MPD)

Tomasz Wróbel, Grzegorz Mazur, Piotr Dzięgiel, Paweł Surowiak, Kazimierz Kuliczkowski, Maciej Zabel

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):129-131.

AgNOR, Ki-67 and PCNA expression in fibroepithelial tumours of the breast in correlation with morphological features

Małgorzata Barwijuk-Machała, Bogusław Musiatowicz, Jacek Cylwik, Joanna Reszeć, Albert Augustynowicz

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):133-135.

The effect of direct and alternating electrical currents on the vessel walls of the tooth pulp - TEM studies

Hanna M. Alwas-Danowska

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):137-139.

A retroesophageal right subclavian artery originating from the left aortic arch - a case report and review of the literature

Marios Loukas, Petros Giannikopoulos, Martin Fudalej, Christos Dimopoulos, Teresa Wagner

Short communication

Folia Morphol 2004;63(1):141-145.


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