Vol 64, No 3 (2005)

Date published: 2005-06-22

Table of Contents

open access


The clinical relevance of coeliac trunk variations

Jerzy Gielecki, Anna Żurada, Niket Sonpal, Beata Jabłońska

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):123-129.

Assessment of viral and non-viral gene transfer into adult rat brains using HSV-1, calcium phosphate and PEI-based methods

Thomas D. Corso, German Torres, Christopher Goulah, Indrajit Roy, Angelo S. Gambino, John Nayda, Timothy Buckley, Ewa K. Stachowiak, Earl J. Bergey, Haridas Pudavar, Purnendu Dutta, David C. Bloom, William J. Bowers, Michal K. Stachowiak

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):130-144.

Measurements of selected parameters of the guinea pig temporal bone

Jarosław Wysocki, Mansoor Sharifi

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):145-150.

A morphometric study of the amygdala in the guinea pig

Maciej Równiak, Anna Robak, Stanisław Szteyn, Krystyna Bogus-Nowakowska, Barbara Wasilewska, Janusz Najdzion

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):151-160.

Histological studies of selected organs of mice experimentally infected with Acanthamoeba spp.

Katarzyna Górnik, Wanda Kuźna-Grygiel

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):161-167.

The occurrence of the third trochanter and its correlation to certain anthropometric parameters of the human femur

Wojciech Bolanowski, Alicja Śmiszkiewicz-Skwarska, Michał Polguj, Kazimierz S. Jędrzejewski

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):168-175.

Remarks on the morphology of the papillary muscles of the right ventricle

Magdalena Skwarek, Jolanta Hreczecha, Marek Grzybiak, Adam Kosiński

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):176-182.

Unusual anatomical features of the right atrioventricular valve

Magdalena Skwarek, Jolanta Hreczecha, Marek Grzybiak, Adam Kosiński

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):183-187.

The morphology and morphometry of the foramina of the greater wing of the human sphenoid bone

Jerzy Reymond, Anna Charuta, Jarosław Wysocki

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):188-193.

The choroid plexus of the fourth ventricle and its arteries

Mansoor Sharifi, Maciej Ciołkowski, Paweł Krajewski, Bogdan Ciszek

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):194-198.

Nerve cells and synapses in the human foetal hypogastric nerves

Małgorzata Bruska

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):199-211.

The subarachnoid space develops early in the human embryonic period

Magdalena Patelska-Banaszewska, Witold Woźniak

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):212-216.

Anatomical variations in the branches of the human aortic arch: a recent study of a South Australian population

Kartik Bhatia, Mounir N. Ghabriel, Maciej Henneberg

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):217-223.

Severe bilateral atrophy of the spinati muscles in a cadaver

R. Shane Tubbs, E. George Salter, W. Jerry Oakes

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):224-225.

Unilateral agenesis of the facial artery with compensation by a giant transverse facial artery

R. Shane Tubbs, E. George Salter, W. Jerry Oakes

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):226-228.

A variant of the double gallbladder. A possible cause of cholelithiasis?

Basilios Papaziogas, Charalambos Lazaridis, George Paraskevas, John Koutelidakis, Panagiotis Katsinelos, Basilios Oikonomou, Grigoris Chatzimavroudis, Marios Grigoriou, Konstantinos Atmatzidis

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):229-232.

A case of a bilateral accessory digastric muscle

Marios Loukas, Robert G. Louis, Theodoros Kapos, Magdalena Kwiatkowska

Folia Morphol 2005;64(3):233-236.

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