Vol 64, No 4 (2005)

Date published: 2005-09-20

Table of Contents

open access


Quantitative anatomy of the posterior cricoid region

Tubbs RS, Wilson T, Salter EG, Oakes WJ

Original article

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):237-239.

A new morphometric method for the sella turcica and the hypophyseal fossa and its clinical relevance

Venieratos D, Anagnostopoulou S, Garidou A

Original article

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):240-247.

Apoptosis in the course of experimetal intracerebral haemorrhage in the rat

Karwacki Z, Kowiański P, Dziewątkowski J, Domaradzka-Pytel B, Ludkiewcz B, Wójcik S, Narkiewicz O, Moryś J

Original article

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):248-252.

Schwann units in the human foetal phrenic nerve

Bruska M, Piotrowski A, Woźniak W

Original article

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):253-268.

The origin and relations of the anterior choroidal artery: an anatomical study

Uz A, Erbil KM, Esmer AF

Original article

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):269-272.

In vivo gene transfer to the brain cortex using a single injection of HSV-1 vector into the medial septum

Tabbaa S, Corso TD, Jenkins L, Tran RK, Bloom DC, Stachowiak MK

Original article

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):273-281.

An electron microscopic study of the phosphatases in the ciliate Balantidium coli

Skotarczak B, Kołodziejczyk L

Original article

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):282-286.

Changes in the morphology of the acinar cells of the rat pancreas in the oedematous and necrotic types of experimental acute pancreatitis

Krajewski E, Krajewski J, Spodnik JH, Figarski A, Kubasik-Juraniec J

Original article

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):292-303.

Mimicking of glutathione peroxidase deficiency by exposition of JAR cells to increased level of synthetic hydroperoxide

Hallmann A, Milczarek R, Szkatuła M, Woźniak M, Spodnik JH, Klimek J

Original article

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):304-308.

The variability and morphometry of the brachiocephalic trunk in human foetuses

Szpinda M, Flisiński P, Elminowska-Wenda G, Flisiński M, Krakowiak-Sarnowska E

Original article

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):309-314.

The results of compression forces applied to the isolated human calvaria

Tubbs RS, Murphy RL, Golden JB, Etheridge B, Wellons JC, Blount JP, Salter EG, Oakes WJ

Original article

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):321-325.

The left sternalis muscle variation detected during mastectomy

Kabay B, Akdogan I, Ozdemir B, Adiguzel E

Case report

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):338-340.

Split median nerve. A report of two cases

Król A, Palczak A, Jędrzejewski KS

Case report

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):341-344.

A rare variation of the inferior alveolar artery with potential clinical consequences

Khaki AA, Tubbs RS, Shoja MM, Shokouhi G, Farahani RM

Case report

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):345-346.

Arterial, neural and muscular variations in the upper limb

Coskun N, Sarikcioglu L, Donmez BO, Sindel M

Case report

Folia Morphol 2005;64(4):347-352.

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