Vol 65, No 1 (2006)

Date published: 2005-12-05

Table of Contents

open access


Dermal exposure to the herbicide-paraquat results in genotoxic and cytotoxic damage to germ cells in the male rat

U.J.A. D’Souza, K. Narayana, A. Zain, S. Raju, H.M. Nizam, O. Noriah

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):6-10.

Iliolumbar membrane, a newly recognised structure in the back

M. Loukas, R.G. Louis Jr., B. Van der Wall, B. Hallner, J.J. Tucker, F. Esguerra, G.L. Colborn

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):15-21.

The subanconeus muscle

R.S. Tubbs, W.J. Oakes, E.G. Salter

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):22-25.

Neonatal methyl parathion exposure affects the growth and functions of the male reproductive system in the adult rat

K. Narayana, N. Prashanthi, A. Nayanatara, H.H.Ch. Kumar, K. Abhilash, K.L. Bairy

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):26-33.

Requirements and infection prophylaxis for internally cooled implant drills

P. Proff, T. Bayerlein, A. Kramer, S. Allegrini Jr., S. Dietze, J. Fanghänel, T. Gedrange

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):34-36.

The biodegradation of hydroxyapatite bone graft substitutes in vivo

E. Rumpel, E. Wolf, E. Kauschke, V. Bienengräber, T. Bayerlein, T. Gedrange, P. Proff

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):43-48.

The application of bone graft substitutes for alveolar ridge preservation after orthodontic extractions and for augmentation of residual cleft defects

P. Proff, T. Bayerlein, J. Fanghänel, W. Gerike, V. Bienengräber, T. Gedrange

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):81-83.

The clinical application of a new synthetic bone grafting material in oral and maxillofacial surgery

V. Bienengräber, Th. Gerber, K.-O. Henkel, T. Bayerlein, P. Proff, T. Gedrange

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):84-88.

Wound management after the application of bone grafting substitutes in the orofacial region

T. Bayerlein, P. Proff, J. Fanghänel, E. Kauschke, E. Rumpel, W. Gerike, V. Bienengräber, T. Gedrange

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):89-91.

An asymmetrical inferior articular process of a lumbar vertebra

S. Das, R. Suri, V. Kapur

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):96-99.

A case of an anomalous pectoralis major muscle

M. Loukas, G. South, R.G. Louis Jr., Q.A. Fogg, T. Davis

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):100-103.

Histological and fluorescence microscopic examination of the bone/implant interface in orthodontic miniscrews (Mondeal®)

T. Gedrange, P. Proff, T. Bayerlein, P. Landsberger, S. Dietze, J. Fanghänel

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):70-71.

The use of ceramic drills on a zirconium oxide basis in bone preparation

T. Bayerlein, P. Proff, G. Richter, S. Dietze, J. Fanghänel, T. Gedrange

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):72-74.

Bacterial colonisation of interior implant threads with and without sealing

P. Proff, I. Steinmetz, T. Bayerlein, S. Dietze, J. Fanghänel, T. Gedrange

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):75-77.

The survival and proliferation of fibroblasts on orthodontic miniscrews with different surface treatment: an in vitro study

P. Proff, E. Kauschke, E. Rumpel, T. Bayerlein, S. Dietze, J. Fanghänel, T. Gedrange

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):78-80.
Technical Note

The morphological and clinical relevance of mandibular and maxillary bone structures for implantation

J. Fanghänel, P. Proff, S. Dietze, T. Bayerlein, F. Mack, T. Gedrange

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):49-53.

The manufacture of synthetic non-sintered and degradable bone grafting substitutes

W. Gerike, V. Bienengräber, K.-O. Henkel, T. Bayerlein, P. Proff, T. Gedrange, Th. Gerber

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):54-55.

Bone functions and the requirements for bone grafts and substitutes in the orofacial region

J. Fanghänel, T. Bayerlein, T. Gedrange, E. Kauschke, E. Rumpel, W. Gerike, V. Bienengräber, P. Proff

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):56-58.

Critical considerations on the diagnostic appraisal, adaptation and remodelling of bone graft substitutes

T. Gedrange, T. Bayerlein, J. Fanghänel, P. Landsberger, A. Hoffmann, E. Kauschke, E. Rumpel, W. Gerike, V. Bienengräber, P. Proff

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):59-62.

The ultrastructure and processing properties of Straumann Bone Ceramic® and NanoBone®

S. Dietze, T. Bayerlein, P. Proff, A. Hoffmann, T. Gedrange

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):63-65.

Bone graft substitutes in periodontal and peri-implant bone regeneration

T. Bayerlein, T. Mundt, F. Mack, V. Bienengräber, P. Proff, T. Gedrange

Folia Morphol 2006;65(1):66-69.

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