Vol 67, No 1 (2008)

Date published: 2007-12-03

Table of Contents

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The structure of acquired aural cholesteatoma as revealed by scanning electron microscopy

A.J. Miodoński, J.A. Litwin, J. Składzień, K. Zagórska-Swieży

Original article

Folia Morphol 2008;67(1):1-5.

Myostatin and its precursor protein are increased in the skeletal muscle of patients with Type-II muscle fibre atrophy

S. Wójcik, A. Nogalska, W.K. Engel, V. Askanas

Original article

Folia Morphol 2008;67(1):8-14.

Early trabeculation and closure of the interventricular foramen in staged human embryos

M. Rauhut-Klaban, M. Bruska, W. Woźniak

Original article

Folia Morphol 2008;67(1):13-18.

Morphometric alterations of the rat spleen following formaldehyde exposure

M.J. Golalipour, H. Kord, S. Ghafari, A.M. Gharravi, A. Davarian, S.A. Fazeli, R. Azarhoush

Original article

Folia Morphol 2008;67(1):19-23.

Immunoexpression of constitutive and inducible cyclo-oxygenase isoforms in the rat foetal and maternal digestive tract

F. Burdan, J. Szumiło, B. Gajjar, J. Dudka, A. Korobowicz, S. Patel, A. Nat, A.S. Nat, W. Dworzański, W. Kwaśniewski

Original article

Folia Morphol 2008;67(1):24-31.

Local differences of the position of the mental foramen

H. Yesilyurt, A. Aydlnllglu, A. Kavakll, N. Ekinci, C. Eroglu, M. Haclaliogullarl, S. Diyarbaklrll

Original article

Folia Morphol 2008;67(1):32-35.

Assessment of body mass index and hand anthropometric measurements as independent risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome

A. Sharifi-Mollayousefi, M. Yazdchi-Marandi, H. Ayramlou, P. Heidari, A. Salavati, S. Zarrintan, A. Sharifi-Mollayousefi

Original article

Folia Morphol 2008;67(1):36-42.

Distribution of macrophages in the human fallopian tubes: an immunohistochemical and electron microscopic study

M.D. El-Din Safwat, F.A. Habib, N.Y. Oweiss

Original article

Folia Morphol 2008;67(1):43-52.

Morphometric features of the right atrioventricular orifice in adult human hearts

M. Skwarek, J. Hreczecha, M. Dudziak, J. Jerzemowski, M. Szpinda, M. Grzybiak

Original article

Folia Morphol 2008;67(1):53-57.

The subscapular artery and the thoracodorsal branch: an anatomical study

R.C. Jesus, M.C.H. Lopes, G.T.S. Demarchi, C.R. Ruiz, N. Wafae, G.C. Wafae

Original article

Folia Morphol 2008;67(1):58-62.

The clinical anatomy of the cephalic vein in the deltopectoral triangle

M. Loukas, C.S. Myers, Ch.T. Wartmann, R.S. Tubbs, T. Judge, B. Curry, R. Jordan

Original article

Folia Morphol 2008;67(1):72-77.

Screening for thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms in patients with aortoiliac atherosclerosis: a preliminary study

A.B. Shakeri, R.S. Tubbs, M.M. Shoja, K. Ghabili, B. Rahimi-Ardabili, M. Loukas

Original article

Folia Morphol 2008;67(1):78-83.

Professor Gastone G. Nussdorfer (1943-2007)

L.K. Malendowicz


Folia Morphol 2008;67(1):84-85.

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