Vol 68, No 4 (2009)

Date published: 2009-11-26

Table of Contents

open access


Persistent median artery in the carpal tunnel: anatomy, embryology, clinical significance, and review of the literature

K. Natsis, G. Iordache, I. Gigis, A. Kyriazidou, N. Lazaridis, G. Noussios, G. Paraskevas

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):193-200.

Myocardial bridging and coronary artery anomalies detected by ECG-gated 64-row multidetector computed tomography angiography in symptomatic patients

R. Javadrashid, M.K. Tarzamni, N. Aslanabadi, M. Ghaffari, A. Salehi, K. Sorteji

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):201-206.

Morphological and morphometric studies of the aorta, pulmonary trunk, and heart of streptozotocin-induced diabetic Wistar rats

O.A. Komolafe, D.O. Adeyemi, O.S. Adewole, E.M. Obuotor, A.A. Abiodun

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):207-214.

The first appearance of sympathetic ganglia in human embryos at stage 13

W. Woźniak, M. Grzymisławska, J. Łupicka

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):215-217.

Ultrastructural response of arcuate nucleus neurons to fasting in aged rats

J. Kubasik-Juraniec, A. Zauszkiewicz-Pawlak, G. Kotlarz, M. Woźniak, N. Knap

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):218-223.

Some aspects of the neurocraniometry of the African giant rat (Cricetomys gambianus Waterhouse)

M.A. Olude, J.O. Olopade, I.O. Fatola, S.K. Onwuka

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):224-227.

Dimensions, septation, and pattern of pneumatization of the sphenoidal sinus

O.E. Idowu, B.O. Balogun, C.A. Okoli

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):228-232.

An anatomical study of the arterial and nerve supply of the infrahyoid muscles

E.A. Meguid, A.E. Agawany

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):233-243.

Controlled cholesterol efflux from the aortic smooth muscle cells triggers microheterogeneity of plasma membrane lipids and induces modification of the mitochondrial topology

C. Tukaj, E. Syta-Książek, A. Zauszkiewicz, K. Drózd, A. Figarski, J.H. Spodnik, M. Woźniak

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):244-246.

NADH-generating substrates reduce peroxyl radical toxicity in RL-34 cells

J. Antosiewicz, J.H. Spodnik, M. Teranishi, A. Herman-Antosiewicz, Ch. Kurono, T. Soji, M. Woźniak, A. Borkowska, T. Wakabayashi

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):247-255.

Length of the styloid process and anatomical implications for Eagle’s syndrome

H.A. Balcioglu, C. Kilic, M. Akyol, H. Ozan, G. Kokten

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):265-270.

Topographic and morphometric comparison study of the terminal part of human and bovine testicular arteries

M. Polguj, K.S. Jędrzejewski, Ł. Dyl, M. Topo

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):271-276.

Sebaceous glands - unusual histological finding in the uterine cervix

J. Szumiło, A. Patel, S. Patel, F. Burdan

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):287-289.

Quadricuspid pulmonary valve complicated with aneurysm of pulmonary trunk diagnosed with ECG-gated computed tomography

E. Czekajska-Chehab, S. Uhlig, G. Staśkiewicz, T. Widomska-Czekajska, A. Drop

Folia Morphol 2009;68(4):290-293.

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