Traditional Chinese medicine herbs — are they safe for psoriatic patients?

Joanna Patrycja Bartosińska, Aldona Pietrzak, Jacek Szepietowski, Jacob Dreiher, Ryszard Maciejewski, Grażyna Chodorowska


Although traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) relies on remedies of natural origin, its use is not
always safe as it can have not only beneficial but also deleterious effects. Psoriatic patients, disappointed by
conventional treatment and unaware of the potential side effects of TCM preparations, are increasingly reaching
for non-traditional therapeutic methods. This review presents brief characteristics of selected Chinese herbs
self-prescribed by psoriatic patients. It is important that dermatologists should be able to recognize any potential
hazards connected with current or previous taking of these herbs by their patients. (Folia Histochemica et
Cytobiologica 2011, Vol. 49, No. 2, 201–205)


traditional Chinese medicine; Chinese herbs; herbal medicine; psoriasis; adverse reaction

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