Vol 4, No 1 (2003) - Practical Diabetology

Date published: 2003-02-13

Table of Contents

open access

Original articles (submitted)

The influence of electromagnetic fields on the precision of glucometers (preliminary study)

Marzena Skowrońska, Barbara Marczewska, Krzysztof Marczewski

Diabetologia Praktyczna 2003;4(1):33-36.
Review articles (submitted)

Diabetological aspects management of pregnancy complicated by diabetes

Czesław Wójcikowski

Diabetologia Praktyczna 2003;4(1):1-6.

Genetic aspects of diabetic nephropathy

Władysław Grzeszczak

Diabetologia Praktyczna 2003;4(1):7-20.

Renal replacement therapy for diabetic nephropathy

Jerzy Kopeć, Waldemar Sułowicz

Diabetologia Praktyczna 2003;4(1):21-26.
Original articles (translated)

Fasting and postchallenge glycemia and cardiovascular disease risk. The Framingham Offspring Study

James B. Meigs, David M. Nathan, Ralph B. D’Agostino Sr., Peter W.F. Wilson

Diabetologia Praktyczna 2003;4(1):47-54.

Effect of combination glipizide GITS/metformin on fibrinolytic and metabolic parameters in poorly controlled type 2 diabetic subjects

William T. Cefalu, David J. Schneider, Harold E. Carlson, Phyllis Migdal, Leonil Gan Lim, Meriam P. Izon, Anoop Kapoor, Audrey Bell-Farrow, James G. Terry, Burton E. Sobel

Diabetologia Praktyczna 2003;4(1):55-64.

Determinants of the development of diabetes (maturity-onset diabetes of the young-3) in carriers of HNF-1 < font face=symbol > a < /font > mutations. Evidence for parent-of-origin effect

Tomasz Klupa, James H. Warram, Anthony Antonellis, Marcus Pezzolesi, Moonsuk Nam, Maciej T. Małecki, Alessandro Doria, Stephen S. Rich, Andrzej S. Krolewski

Diabetologia Praktyczna 2003;4(1):75-88.

Predicting future cardiovascular disease. Do we need the oral glucose tolerance test?

Michael P. Stern, Pedram Fatehi, Ken Williams, Steven M. Haffner

Diabetologia Praktyczna 2003;4(1):89-96.

Combination of insulin and metformin in the treatment of type 2 diabetes

Michiel G. Wulffelé, Adriaan Kooy, Philippe Lehert, Daniel Bets, Jeles C. Ogterop, Bob Borger van der Burg, Ab J.M. Donker, Coen D.A. Stehouwer

Diabetologia Praktyczna 2003;4(1):65-74.

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