Vol 27, No 5 (2020)
Research letters — Clinical cardiology
Published online: 2020-08-07

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First experience with sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitors in Polish patients with cardiovascular diseases

Ewa Dziewięcka1, Mateusz Winiarczyk2, Matylda Gliniak2, Monika Kaciczak2, Sylwia Wiśniowska-Śmiałek1, Aleksandra Karabinowska1, Katarzyna Holcman1, Magdalena Kostkiewicz1, Marta Hlawaty1, Agata Leśniak-Sobelga1, Piotr Podolec1, Paweł Rubiś1
Pubmed: 32789840
Cardiol J 2020;27(5):639-641.


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