Vol 24, No 5 (2017)
Letters to the Editor — Interventional cardiology
Published online: 2017-10-31

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Clipping through a mirror: First reported successful MitraClip in a patient with dextrocardia

Antonio H. Frangieh1, Carolin Sonne2, Philipp Moritz Rumpf2, Albert M. Kasel2, Ilka Ott1
Pubmed: 29087542
Cardiol J 2017;24(5):586-587.



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  1. Nielsen NE, Baranowski J, Boano G, Nylander E, Wallby L. MitraClip in a Patient with Dextrocardia and Scoliosis Complicated by Delayed Clip Detachment. In: . Atlas of Percutaneous Edge-to-Edge Mitral Valve Repair, Springer 2012: 515–517.