Vol 4, No 1 (2005) - Polish Palliative Medicine

Date published: 2005-01-19

Table of Contents

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Original articles

The role of pharmacological tests in patients with failed back surgery syndrome

Anna Wrzosek, Beata Sobkowicz, Wojciech Popiela, Jan Dobrogowski, Jerzy Wordliczek

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2005;4(1):3-10.

The cancer cachexia syndrome. The influence of treatment on selected clinical and biochemical parameters. Preliminary report

Maciej Bączyk, Lidia Gorzelińska, Jacek Łuczak, Jerzy Sowiński

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2005;4(1):11-16.

Fluvoxamine efficacy in severe, dry cough in neoplasmatic diseases

Feliks Błaszczyk, Anna Orońska, Małgorzata Krajnik, Zbigniew Żylicz

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2005;4(1):17-20.
Case reports

Physiotherapy in advanced cancer. Case report

Magdalena Grzybek, Małgorzata Krajnik, Alicja Mularczyk

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2005;4(1):21-23.

Pruritus of cholestasis in patient with advanced neoplasmatic disease. Case report

Michał Graczyk, Małgorzata Krajnik, Krzysztof Ostrowski

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2005;4(1):24-27.
Artykuł redakcyjny


Zbigniew Żylicz

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2005;4(1):1-2.
Osobiste refleksje

Interview with Professor Christoph Stein

Redakcja PMP

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2005;4(1):48-49.


Redakcja PMP

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2005;4(1):50-50.
Artykuły poglądowe

Factors involved in difficult-to-manage pain

Robert Twycross

Advances in Palliative Medicine 2005;4(1):28-47.

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