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Vol 23, No 1 (2017)
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Published online: 2017-05-12

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Raynaud’s phenomenon — the clinical picture, treatment and diagnostics

Irena Walecka, Aleksandra Malewska, Marek Roszkiewicz, Marta Wieczorek, Zuzanna Lagun, Elzbieta Szymanska
Acta Angiologica 2017;23(1):29-33.


Raynaud’s phenomenon is the triphasic phenomenon which consists of sudden paling of distal parts of the body with the following cyanosis and occurance of erythema in the third stage. This phenomenon is a result of peripheral microcirculation disorder and usually appears after exposure to cold. If the RP is a primary, idiopathic (not associated with other diseases) then the other name for this condition is Raynaud’s disease (80% of RP cases). If the RP is secondary to other medical conditions such as connective tissue disorders, arterial alterations etc., then Raynaud’s syndrome is diagnosed and that is why further diagnostics is required in every case of RP.


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